Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 581

“Then Donghai Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, you can’t underestimate it.”
Luo Yonggan couldn’t help but said, “My Luo family’s Ye is heartbroken, and he died in the East China Sea. Don’t you know?”
“Naturally know.”
Song Gang said calmly, “Patriarch Luo, do you know why the Luo family is always only a third-rate family and cannot go further?”
Hearing this, Luo Yongqian was startled.
It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought about this problem, even after his Luo family had Ye Xinhuo, he had plundered resources from Tianhai Province for more than 20 years, but he still couldn’t go further.
Even if his Luo family’s strength is considered to be the top in the third-rate family, there is not much difference from the second-rate family.
But this chasm cannot be crossed no matter what.
“Patriarch Luo, your heart.”
Song Gang pointed to the location of Luo Yongqian’s heart, “Your heart is too small.”
Luo Yongqian couldn’t say a word.
He felt a little bit ashamed to be said by a younger younger than himself, but he couldn’t refute it.
“I can promise you that after this incident, the interests of the Tianhai Provincial City will be divided equally between you and the Qi family. My Song family and Tie family will not interfere. My two families only need Shenghai!”
He stretched out his hand, patted Luo Yongqian’s shoulder, and smiled, “Don’t worry, cooperate with my Song family, you won’t lose money.”
Song Gang had already seen victory before he started to do it. He just needs to wait quietly, and then harvest the fruits of victory.
Everything, tonight, there will be results.
Luo Yongqian didn’t say it any more, he knew it was useless if he said it.
This is a game between the Song family and the Tie family. He and the Qi family are just dispensable tools of the Song family, a tool that attracts Donghai.
He only hopes that Song Gang’s plan can be successfully completed, but in his heart, why is there always a kind of anxiety.
Everyone’s attention is in the East China Sea, all of them are staring at the East China Sea, the forbidden area that has been in the limelight recently. I don’t know if I can bear the terrible impact tonight!
It’s raining in the East China Sea.
Coastal storms are raging, and the sun will be clouded in the blink of an eye, lightning and thunder!
Huang Yuming and Manager Zhao sat there, watching the weather outside the window.
The two of them couldn’t see the slightest panic, they were calm.
“Are you all ready?”
Huang Yuming said.
“This net is already open, just wait for the little fish and shrimps to get in by themselves,”
Old Zhao smiled and said, “We, we can’t always be underestimated.”
This forbidden area in the East China Sea is not only terrifying to Jiangning, but also…many people.
“Shenghai, I don’t know the weather.”
Huang Yuming stood up, walked to the window, looked outside, and said lightly, “It’s still rainy, suitable for killing.”
At that time.
The evening breeze is blowing gently.
There was no one around at the Gaojia Tea Pavilion in the middle of the night.
In the tea pavilion, apart from Gao Yali, there is only Jiang Ning alone.
She slowly poured tea to Jiang Ning, with meticulous movements, curling the fragrance of tea, floating around, making the whole teahouse exude a charming fragrance.
On the eaves of the pavilion, there are constantly dripping, ticking, ticking, as if knocking on the human heart.
“Mr. Jiang, the tea is gone. I’ll get you some tea in two minutes.”
Gao Yali got up, high-crossed cheongsam, showing her perfect figure, but Jiang Ning didn’t take a second look.
He turned his head and looked outside, four slowly walking figures, tapping his fingers on the table.
“It just so happens, I’m going to kill a few people!”

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