Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 582

The night is dark and the wind is high.
Best for killing!
Four figures surrounded the tea house, bursts of breath, making people feel terrified!
It seems that there are four beasts who are about to open their mouths and swallow Jiang Ning!
As masters, as soon as they approached, they felt the aura radiating from Jiang Ning’s body. It was looming, not too powerful, but no one dared to take it lightly.
“Ye Xinhuo, you killed it?”
One of them opened his mouth with a cold voice.
Obviously, he needs to make certain things.
“Not bad.”
Jiang Ning stood there with a light cloud on his face, “Several people are coming to die today. The courage is commendable.”
“It’s so arrogant.”
The other person spoke.
These two were masters of the Song Family and Tie Family respectively, and they were extremely powerful, even better than that of Ye Xinhuo.
And the other two, one is a terrible boxer from abroad, and the other is from the rivers and lakes.
The four stared at Jiang Ning, and the murderous aura gradually spread, locking Jiang Ning firmly!
Today, even if Jiang Ning has three heads and six arms, there is absolutely no possibility of being alive again!
“Today, kill you!”
The Song family master shouted, “Before you die, you can remember my name!”
He was about to speak, Jiang Ning waved his hand.
“No need, I already know.”
He pointed to the master of the Song family, his tone was calm, “You are called Dead Body One.”
“You are number two.”
“Number three, and number four.”
Hearing that, the gunpowder in the air seemed to burst instantly!
The four masters, one by one, their eyes widened and murderous, almost at the same moment, without a word of nonsense, they all rushed towards Jiangning!
The horrible momentum broke out!
The masters of the four great masters, once they make a move, are a killer move, not leaving Jiang Ning a retreat.
The violent vigor, compressed air, made a trembling and explosive sound.
Gao Yali, who was sitting on her knees in the tea pavilion not far away, looked calm, but her heart was full of waves.
Just listening to Jiang Ning’s words, she felt that this man… is too powerful!
He even dared to directly call the four master-level masters dead, and gave them numbers.
She didn’t dare to look up, making tea carefully, because she said that it only takes two minutes to make it, and Jiang Ning also said that it only takes two minutes, and he will return after killing someone.
Jiang Ning punched!
He straddled the eight-character step, as if rooted on the ground, blasted out with a punch, and slammed into the Song family master.
The Song family grandmaster’s complexion changed drastically, and he took five steps to stabilize his body, but Jiang Ning, Wensi did not move!
Almost instantly, a few people knew how terrible Jiang Ning was!
Is this still a human?
“kill him!”
A master from abroad, with a messy accent, nearly two meters tall, like a wild bear, with his big feet stomping heavily, raising his fists, and slamming directly on Jiang Ning’s head!
“The Western European King of Fighters?”
With just a punch, Jiang Ning judged the other party’s details.
He was expressionless, suddenly a little bit under his feet, and disappeared out of thin air!
Man Xiong’s fist fell through, without hesitation, he turned around and punched again.
With this punch, Man Xiong’s face suddenly turned pale, and his fist skull was cracked!
how can that be?
His face was full of horror, and he couldn’t believe that there was someone in Jiang Ning who was harder than his own fist.
“The King of Fighters didn’t tell you, who broke his fist?”

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