Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 584

The eight masters from the north were all exposed as soon as they entered the East China Sea!
In the intelligence network of Steward Zhao, they are like people without clothes, without reservation!
Strength, weakness, habits, and all the intelligence is under the control of Steward Zhao, and these information, leaving them without a trace of secret, are all exposed to the eyes of Brother Gou and others.
This night, the rain is getting bigger and bigger.
No one went out, and the blood on the ground was quickly washed away.
The eight masters did not make a wave, it can even be said that there is not even a slight ripple.
They seem to have entered a mysterious vortex, and after entering, they disappeared.
It’s almost early morning.
“It’s raining non-stop.”
Butler Zhao said.
The East China Sea hasn’t rained all night like this for a long time.
This rain can wash away some dirt, make the entire East China Sea look new, and let everyone see how powerful the East China Sea, which has torn off its weak and disguised surface, is!
“Yeah, our rain has stopped, and it’s raining in the north.”
Huang Yuming said lightly, “After drinking tea all night, I’m not sleepy at all now.”
“Then don’t sleep. For a while, there will be a ribbon-cutting event. The sewage treatment project in the suburbs is completed, and the people there can finally be protected from the odor of sewage.”
Speaking of this, Huang Yuming’s eyes lit up.
“Well, I’ll pack up and go there early, how about you?”
“There are too many criminals caught, and the prison is not enough. Lao Zhang said that he would build another one. I have to help design the design.”
Housekeeper Zhao smiled.
“It may not be necessary anymore. The bad guys in Donghai will gradually disappear.
The two looked at each other and laughed.
The two old men seemed to have found their interests.

That night, Song Gang and others did not sleep either.
They are waiting.
After the news of Sheng Hai, in the eyes of Song Gang and Tie Family, Sheng Hai was far more important than the East China Sea, so they didn’t care about the East China Sea.
Of course, the East China Sea will also be resolved this time. The eight masters are enough to sweep the entire southeast region!
“Its daybreak.”
Luo Yongqian raised his head and glanced, the sky outside the door was already lit up, which shows that the matter has come to an end.
After sitting all night, he finally settled down and figured it out.
The Song Family and the Tie Family’s two major families have joined forces, and they must have gone through many plans, and they must be foolproof.
The underground circle of Shenghai will be divided between the two families, and the provincial capital of Tianhai will also return to its own hands, so that the Luo family will be able to resurrect the dead and create greater glories.
I can even take this opportunity to get closer to the Song family and the Tie family. The future can be expected.
“Congratulations to you two.”
Song Gang smiled and arched his hands, “Since then, Tianhai’s resources have been owned by the two families. You can negotiate with them on how to divide them.”
The Patriarch of the Qi family immediately stood up: “This time, thank you Song Shao!”
“The kindness of support, the Qi family will remember! When Song Shao will be the head of the Song family in the future, my family will definitely give a big gift!”
Song Gang waved his hand: “You’re polite.”
“Song Gang is still young, and there are still many things to learn from a few elders. In the future, when I become the head of the Song family, I hope everyone can work together to make each of us go to the next level!”
He is so proud, as if he is full of the spirit of the owner of the family!
The head of the Tie Family also laughed, and said, “My nephew is so bold and bold, this Song family will have you in the future, and you will definitely be able to make progress. When that time comes, don’t forget my Tie Family.”
“Uncle Tie joked, Song Gang is a junior after all, and he needs to learn more,”
Song Gang said modestly, but the pride on his face made no secret, “Shenghai took it back this time, and it’s like our family said in the past, half of them, what do you think?”
Patriarch Tie Family squinted his eyes, was silent for a moment, staring at Song Gang without speaking.
He was thinking, wanting to fight for more, after all, in his capacity, to come out in person, this time together, played a more important role.
Otherwise, Song Gang alone might not be able to reassure the Luo Family and Qi Family, and hand over the masters to him.
“It’s so good.”
There was a moment of silence, and seeing Song Gang still smiling and not intending to give in, Tie Family nodded.
The four large families have already divided the spoils of this harvest.
Luo Yongqian was a little excited, his complexion flushed slightly.
In just a few months, the Luo family was too difficult. They suffered successive blows and suffered heavy losses. Even in the north, they became the object of ridicule.
But this time, it is enough to bring back Tianhai Provincial City, even if it is only half!
He was fortunate that he persisted, and cooperating with the Song family was the wisest choice.
“Waiting for news.”
Song Gang sat down, half-closed his eyes, “Now, I’m waiting for the good news!”
All four of them sat down.
Song Gang and the Tie Family Patriarch seemed very calm. It seemed that these victories were nothing to them. Such a big handwriting shocked the big families in the north. In their eyes, what counts?
The future rich family will definitely have his Song family and Tie family!
And Luo Yongqian and Qi Patriarch, after all, were somewhat uncontrollable.
The joy can’t be concealed at all.
At this moment, I can’t wait to hear the news, and then immediately send someone to harvest the fruits of victory!

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