Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 586

The Patriarch of the Tie Family was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe it.
“Early in the morning, Sheng Hai and Dong Hai yelled out almost at the same time. It is said that they are two great legends, yelling in the air.”
“Two legends?”
The corner of Song Gang’s mouth twitched. Sheng Hai knew that Gao Bin had been awarded the title of Shenghai Legend, but that was just a false name. What qualifications does a person with less than a master level qualify as a legend?
Is there someone else?
Two legends, who is the other one?
The one in the East China Sea!
Isn’t he in Shenghai?
“Yes, Shenghai Legend, and Tianhai Provincial City Legend!”
The subordinate’s Adam’s apple slid, and his voice trembled, “The two legends said at the same time, only one sentence!”
“Dare to come, kill!”
Senran’s extremely murderous aura made the people of the four major families tremble all over.
Luo Yongqian, who fell on the ground, wanted to stand up. Hearing these four words, he felt his legs soft. He fell down again, his lips trembled, and he couldn’t say a word.
Two legends!
No wonder, no wonder!
The four master-level masters who went to Shenghai died, and the eight masters who went to the East China Sea also fell.
Not to mention turning over the waves, even the slightest ripples were not seen.
The atmosphere in the hall suddenly became a bit weird.
A few minutes ago, Song Gang was still congratulating everyone for getting what he wanted, but at this moment, everything is nothing, not only that…they have lost too much!
Not only the loss of the four masters, but to the Song Family and Tie Family, it was like a wing being broken.
There is also fame and prestige. It won’t be long before his Song family and Tie family will be the laughing stock of others in the north!
The handwriting of the four masters!
“Song Gang!”
The Tie Family Patriarch roared, “Didn’t you say that everything is calculated? All this is under your control!”
“Tell me, what the hell is going on! Will you compensate for the loss of my Tie Family!”
Song Gang had a sullen face and did not speak.
“My family… the loss is too great,”
The Patriarch of the Qi family was also extremely ugly. In order to invite this master-level master, he paid a huge price. Now not only did the matter fail, he also killed the master.
I am afraid that his fellow students will not easily let go of themselves!
Luo Yongqian was already speechless.
He knew that the Luo family was over, completely over.
Song Gang suddenly yelled like crazy, “This is absolutely impossible!”
“Four master-level masters, who can kill in one go? This doesn’t exist!”
He yelled, “Could it be that the top giants in the north took the shot? Could it be them!”
The Patriarch of the Tie Family looked at Song Gang like a madman. If the top giants really made the shots, then even if he died, he would have nothing to say, but in fact, not at all.
All this is because Song Gang was too conceited and asked himself to send someone to die!
“The two legends also said…”
Kneeling under that man, his throat was dry, and looking at the people of the four major families, all of them looked like ashes, and they didn’t know whether they should say it or not.
Song Gang looked at his subordinates, his fingers trembling.
How much he wanted to hear from his subordinates that the previous ones were all fake.
But he knew that his own people didn’t dare to lie to him at all.
“What else did you say?”
Song Gang gritted his teeth and said every word.
“They also said that the four big families will join hands to deal with them. They will come up north to ask for this account, so that the four big families will have a happier life in the last few days.”

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