Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 591

Song Gang trembled and asked the Song family to bow their heads, so what kind of face does his Song family have to stay in the north?
Song Weiming glanced at him, waved his hand, not wanting to bother.
He turned his head to look at Song Xiaoyu.
“Do you have a countermeasure?”
Song Xiaoyu answered very simply, with a calm face, “I will do my best to let the Song family survive.”
It’s just to live, not to talk about development. For the current Song family, to live is the biggest goal.
Song Weiming’s face was a little pale.
Just a few days.
His Song family had grown from a second-rate family with a large surname, and had to beg for mercy in a low voice in order to survive.
He gave a wry smile and waved his hand. The first time he told Song Xiaoyu to do something, he actually asked him to kneel down for someone else.
“Xiaoyu, thank you for your hard work.”
“For the Song family, it should be.”
Song Xiaoyu nodded and turned to leave.
“Dad, you can’t do this! You ruin the prestige of the Song family!”
Song Gang shouted.
“starting today,”
Song Weiming was very calm, “You have been expelled from the Song family. You have nothing to do with my Song family, so let’s do it for yourself.”
He didn’t want to speak, and he didn’t have the strength to speak.
The Song family will fall to where it is now. Speaking of it, Song Gang’s responsibility is the greatest. It is not that he fancied the Song family to fight for the Prosperity Sea. How could Song Cheng die?
If Song Cheng is immortal, Song Gang will no longer join forces with the other three major families to attack Donghai and Shenghai, and it won’t be like this!
He can’t wait to kill Song Gang!
But he still can’t do it, let him fend for himself.
Song Gang knelt down with a plop, but Song Weiming ignored him and turned to leave.
at the same time.
Song Xiaoyu walked out of the hall, still expressionless.
The Song family was completely collapsed, not to mention him, even the gods could not save it. He said that he would kneel down and beg for mercy in place of the Song family, that was just talking.
Humph, really when the people on the East Sea are so bully?
If it is not the four masters of the master level that die, but the people of Donghai, Donghai will be gone!
So the life-and-death situation can be resolved by bowing your head and apologizing? Dream it.
“I am completely disappointed with this Song family. All I want is this opportunity!”
There was a sharp flash in Song Xiaoyu’s eyes, and he walked out of the Song family’s gate without turning his head back.
At that time.
The Lin Group has already established a branch here, and Lin Yuzhen finally has his own office, so he doesn’t need to work hard in the hotel’s study room.
The branch office is located on the first floor of StarWorld Entertainment, which is convenient.
With Gao Yali’s contacts, Lin Yuzhen quickly met many people in related industries in Shenghai.
The negotiation and cooperation were even smoother, and there was almost no trouble.
The Lin family is not greedy and pursues win-win cooperation. This attitude alone is extremely popular. Not to mention, the people introduced by Gao Yali prove that the people of the Lin Group have a very good relationship with the Gao family.
The face of the Gao family is now in Shenghai, but it is extremely useful, especially the legend of Shenghai, but he has personally appeared several times to accompany Lin’s executives to discuss cooperation matters.
This is very meaningful.
“My provincial city legend, are you behind now?”
Su Yun couldn’t help but sigh when Lin Yu really said these things, “Shenghai Legend still has a better face in this Shenghai.”
Lin Yu really gave her an angry look: “Listen quietly, don’t interrupt, or I will tell your brother-in-law that you are not obedient.

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