Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 593

When Mr. He said this, everyone stayed.
Even Jiang Ning can’t believe it. The face of the legendary Hai Provincial City is so great that even this senior in the industry must give her face?
Su Yun is really not at all polite, “I am the legend of Tianhai Provincial City, and my face is very good. From now on, Mr. He only needs to go to Tianhai Provincial City and report my name!”
Mr. Ho laughed and waved his hands to admit defeat, “The little girl is really amazing, she can do her best, the legend of the provincial capital has to be given the face, I promised.”
Lin Yuzhen and Su Yun jumped up at the same time, their faces full of excitement.
“It can be regarded as fulfilling one of my own wishes. I will try my best to help you.”
Mr. He smiled.
He really liked the two young people Lin Yuzhen and Su Yun. From the very beginning, he felt close to him.
One kind, one lively, talking to Lin Yuzhen and Su Yunduo, he felt as if he had become younger.
“Mr. Ho, you are so kind!”
“Lin Group, welcome Mr. Ho to join!”
With such a veteran in the industry, Lin Yuzhen felt more certain.
This Shenghai market is actually a battlefield. She should have just entered this battlefield now. There are too many opponents to face.
Not only domestic counterparts, but also foreign competitors.
You know, the leaders in this industry are almost all foreign brands. Among the top ten, only one is a domestic brand. It is enough to see that foreign brands have a dominant position in this industry.
But what Lin Yu really wants to do is to challenge them!
After careful communication, Lin Yuzhen had a clearer understanding of the future development direction.
Establishing standards that belong to their own domestic industries, and even using their own standards to influence foreign markets, this is the path that Lin Group will take in the future.
Rather, it is subject to foreign brand standards everywhere.
Under the suppression and blow of others’ standards, they can never break through.
Seeing Lin Yuzhen, the more they talked, the more excited they got. Jiang Ning didn’t bother, glanced at the phone that just rang, got up and walked outside.
Gao Yali waited at the door.
“Someone is coming from the north.”
Her face was calm, and until today, there seems to be nothing more that can give her a trace of mood swings.
Especially, after experiencing that night, she saw with her own eyes how Jiang Ning could easily kill four master-level masters. The shock of that scene was unforgettable in this life.
“What are you doing here?”
Jiangning Road.
“People from the Song family say they want to see you, I hope you give me a chance.”
The posture was very low, and he was considered a smart person. He could guess that Dong Hai and Sheng Hai were the same person behind him, and he knew that he could find himself from the Gao family.
“Mr. Jiang, if you don’t want to see me, I will just send it away.”
Gao Yali knew that Jiang Ning had always been low-key, didn’t like publicity, and did not like to have any contacts with large families in the north.
“No, I want to see what opportunity he wants, let him in.”
Outside the door, Song Xiaoyu didn’t even enter the door. He would not enter without Jiang Ning’s permission. This was his attitude.
He knows that this opportunity today is very important!
After waiting for a long time, Gao Yali walked out, Song Xiaoyu bowed slightly: “Miss Gao, Mr. Jiang…will you see me?”
He felt a little nervous.
The Song family offended Jiang Ning in this way, which was tantamount to a capital offense. Even if Jiang Ning killed himself now, he would have nothing to say.

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