Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 594

“Mr. Jiang lets you in.”
Gao Yali said indifferently. Seeing Song Xiaoyu’s expression loosened, she snorted softly, “I have to remind you, Mr. Jiang is very upset about the Song family. If you just come to kneel and beg for mercy, I advise you not to go in and die. ”
“Thank you Miss Gao for reminding.”
Song Xiaoyu folded his hands, “I understand.”
He took a deep breath and walked in.
Even if Song Xiaoyu made a thousand preparations and imagined a thousand kinds of men who saw the rumored king of the East China Sea Forbidden Land, what it would be like, but Jiang Ning in front of him still surprised him.
Surprisingly young!
Jiang Ning was sitting on the sofa, and the tea was overflowing on the coffee table.
Song Xiaoyu couldn’t believe that the prestigious king of the East China Sea Forbidden Land, the man who made the northern families of the big surnames, almost destroyed in just a few days, turned out to be just an ordinary person.
Just such a person who didn’t have the aura of a superior person, killed four master-level masters?
It’s hard to imagine.
Song Xiaoyu stood there, even though he had always been calm, but at this moment, although his face was calm, his heart was ups and downs.
Jiang Ning raised his head, pointed to the sofa opposite, and said lightly, “Since you are not here to kneel and beg for mercy, sit down.”
“Thank you.”
Song Xiaoyu sat down.
Jiang Ning just made tea and stopped talking, which made Song Xiaoyu a little nervous and didn’t know how to speak for a while.
“The news about the drastic changes in the underground circle of Shenghai and the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea was released by me.”
After a moment of silence, Song Xiaoyu spoke.
If Song Weiming were here, I would be scared to death!
Song Xiaoyu actually said the matter directly, isn’t this adding fuel to the fire?
Let the Song family become a family that must be destroyed in Jiangning’s eyes!
“I know.”
Unexpectedly, Jiang Ning’s answer surprised Song Xiaoyu even more.
“What do you want?”
He pushed a cup of tea and brought it to Song Xiaoyu, who immediately stretched out his hands to pick it up.
“I hope that the Song family will be reborn.”
Jiang Ning laughed, leaned back on the sofa, did not speak, and stared at Song Xiaoyu, motioning him to continue.
“The agent game of the northern family is rotten and overbearing. It has been riddled with defects. It will not help this society in any way.”
Song Xiaoyu said, “They will only make the people at the bottom more angry, and the poorer people more pitiful. Sooner or later, there will be big problems.”
Jiang Ning still did not speak.
“I have carefully studied the pattern of the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea!”
Song Xiaoyu’s tone started quickly, “What you want to do, isn’t it just clean up those rotten people, rotten things? I can help you!”
“Help me what.”
Jiang Ning smiled.
I met such an interesting person for the first time, dare to say that I can help myself.
In this world, there are a few people who dare to say such things in front of their own face. If they are heard by those giants in the world, I wonder if Song Xiaoyu is overpowered.
“You need me to do what I can do for you.”
Song Xiaoyu took a deep breath, “I will prove my ability, and you know very well that it is not a problem for you to control a person like me.”
“You may look at yourself highly and underestimate me.”
Jiang Ning shook his head.
Song Xiaoyu looked serious and did not refute.
He was just thinking, what else could he say, in front of Jiang Ning’s powerful existence, he had only one chance.
“I can help you destroy the Song family!”
Suddenly, Song Xiaoyu said firmly.

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