Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 599

“Okay! President Lin decides to do it, then we will do it!”
“Yes! The Lin Group will never back down. We believe in President Lin!”
“President Lin, please rest assured, I will wait and I will do my best!”
Several executives immediately expressed their attitude.
They have been in the Lin Group for a long time, and they have personally seen how the Lin Group has grown from a new company to today. This is not only because of the unremitting efforts of Lin Wen and Lin Yu, but also the result of the efforts of the entire Lin Group.
Once such a big family is united, how powerful it will burst out, even they themselves feel shocked.
“Well, since the partners have given up, we will figure out our own solution for this one.”
Lin Yuzhen immediately made a decision, “Notify other department executives that I plan to prepare a new department to be responsible for this matter, and wait for the meeting to discuss.
The executives immediately went to prepare.
Lin Yuzhen sat down, she turned her head and glanced at Gao Yali.
“Sister Yali, I’m so sorry to embarrass you.”
Many of the partners who agreed to cooperate with the Lin Group so quickly were to give Gao Yali face. After all, the Lin Group just entered Shenghai, and the other party did not understand it.
Now because of the Lin Group’s product strategy, it is a little unpleasant, and Lin Yu is really embarrassed.
“It’s okay, don’t be embarrassed,”
Gao Yali smiled, “It’s just that, I think they will regret it and missed an opportunity to transform them.”
Of course she could see that Lin Yu really wanted a huge market, not just this Shenghai, but even more than just a product, but a change of rules!
Lin Yu really had a higher vision, and her vision became wider. What she wanted to do was also very understandable.
In Gao Yali’s heart, she really admired her.
Because not everyone dares to jump out of the comfort zone and pursue a higher level.
“If you have any needs, please tell me at any time, tell me, don’t see outsiders, you know.”
Gao Yali got up and left. She knew Jiang Ning was there and there would be no problem.
In the meeting room, only Lin Yuzhen and Jiang Ning were left.
“My decision is right.”
This time, Lin Yuzhen didn’t ask Jiang Ning if she was right. She believed that the choice she made was the right one. It was the wisest decision based on the future development direction of the Lin Group.
Jiang Ning nodded, “My wife, you can’t be wrong.”
“I will do it.”
Lin Yuzhen said again, she took a deep breath and cheered herself up, “My husband, I’m going to be busy, I’m afraid I can’t accompany you more during this time.”
Jiang Ning nodded.
“Don’t have grievances.”
“Will not.”
“I’m done, I will compensate you.”
After speaking, Lin Yu really returned to the office, preparing for the next work.
Jiang Ning didn’t bother. He knew that Lin Yu had really grown up and became better and better. This was what he wanted to see.
The Lin Group will become stronger and stronger, and Lin Yuzhen will become better and better.
Soon, Lin Yuzhen made a formal notice to terminate the contract with all the partners, and the sales channel of the Lin Group suddenly became zero again.
It seemed that he had returned to the original point in an instant. In this huge market, the Lin Group suddenly recovered to a state of being alone, isolated and helpless.
The news spread quickly, and many people were gloating and felt that the Lin Group was simply unhappy for themselves.
If you don’t make any money you can make, if you have to get some industry standards, you will definitely suffer a big loss.
To challenge the international famous brands, Lin Group does not have this qualification yet!
There are all things that are said outside, no matter how bad things are, but Lin Yu is not affected at all, she is more determined, because she knows that the more slandered, the more proof that her choice was not wrong.
A landmark high-rise building in Shenghai, inside the top-level office.
A young man, sitting in the boss chair with his bipod on the desk, didn’t mind the wrinkles of the high-end trousers.
“What is the origin of the Lin Group? Behind it, is there foreign capital? Or, it has the background of the northern family?”
“No, Mr. Chen, I checked. The Lin Group is just a company that came out of a small city. Recently, it has been lucky. It has hit the wind and has developed very rapidly. They may be a little swollen. I am afraid they may not recognize themselves.”
Sitting in the Chen Palace, he looked up at his secretary and shook his head.
“Well, you can’t say that, the idea of ​​the Lin Group is correct.”
He smiled, “If we can have our own domestic industry standards, it means that our domestic products can have the right to speak internationally. Their ambitions are really big.”

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