Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 60

Not far away, Brother Gou couldn’t bear to look.
Huang Yuming wanted to rush out several times, he felt distressed!
These were all cultivated by himself at a lot of cost, so Jiang Ning shouldn’t scrap them.
In less than a minute, fifty people, all lying on the ground, could not move!
Jiang Ning stood there, glanced around, looking at the unconvinced people, still shook his head: “Why, dissatisfied?”
The man who took the lead, gritted his teeth, his face was dissatisfied, but his heart was already extremely shocked.
Jiangning is too strong!
Fifty people were in front of him, just like children. Not to mention hitting Jiang Ning, it was difficult even to touch his clothes.
And Jiang Ning punched, even if they saw it, they couldn’t escape. The power of a punch almost made him suffocate!
What made him most frightened was that Jiang Ning didn’t even show a drop of sweat!
“There are people outside, and there are heaven outside the sky,”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “I, that’s the day!”
He is the heaven above, and everyone else is only worthy of being overlooked by him!
“If you want to become stronger, stay. Others can be rolled away. I don’t need rubbish, let alone waste.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning turned and left. Fifty people sat on the ground, looking at each other, with complicated expressions on their faces.
All their self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as self-righteousness, were crushed by Jiang Ning’s fist within a minute!
Security Section, Office.
Jiang Ning sat and Huang Yuming stood, with cold sweat on his forehead.
“Brother, these people are all talented. If they choose to leave, we won’t find anyone else for a while.”
Huang Yuming was worried that this group of people would be beaten by Jiang Ning to doubt their lives, and would really choose to leave.
“If it’s trash, do you still expect him to stay?”
Jiang Ning took a sip of water and said lightly, “I want to keep the waste, but I don’t want it yet.”
After that, Jiang Ning was too lazy to bother, he was leaving get off work, Su Mei made boiled fish today, and he had to hurry back to eat.
Sending Jiang Ning away, Huang Yuming let out a sigh of relief.
The few confidants who had followed him for many years, some of them couldn’t understand.
“Mr. Huang, what my brothers have only obtained for a few years, you throw them all away. Many of your brothers don’t understand.”
“Yes, Mr. Huang, the decision you made, we certainly have nothing to say, but there are still many brothers. They suddenly lost their livelihoods. I am only worried that they will make trouble.”
Several people looked worried.
Huang Yuming gave the company to Lin Yuzhen’s family, and there was no problem with this.
But for those businesses in the underground circle, many people rely on this for food.
Huang Yuming sold them all directly, which suddenly made it difficult for many people to accept.
Especially, all this is because of Jiang Ning’s words, which makes those who do not understand the situation more dissatisfied.
“make trouble?”
Huang Yuming snorted, “Who dares to make trouble, try!”
“Old dog!”
He turned his head and looked at Brother Dog, “If someone makes trouble, you are welcome!”
He was too lazy to explain.
Brother Gou nodded immediately.
He followed Huang Yuming from the beginning, and he knew exactly what kind of person Huang Yuming was. Since Huang Yuming chose to follow Jiang Ning’s words, there must be no problem.
What’s more, Jiang Ning’s strength, even if he only saw a trace, Brother Gou was shocked enough, where he dared to think more.
In recent days, those people under his staff are indeed ready to move, and some even secretly dissatisfied, wanting to ask Huang Yuming for an explanation.
“If you dare to make trouble, don’t blame Brother Dog for not being affectionate!”
On Huang Yuming’s side, people are panicking, and the other bigwigs in the underground circle are all happy. They can take away Huang Yuming’s property at the lowest price. This is a big deal for blood.
They even laughed at Huang Yuming, and sometimes looked miserable.
A great industry, if you say you want to sell it, sell it, and it didn’t even make any money. On the contrary, it made them, the old guys, take advantage of it in vain.
For a while, Huang Yuming became the object of everyone’s ridicule, and even the group of people under Huang Yuming were ridiculed by others, and they became increasingly dissatisfied with Huang Yuming’s decision.
However, no one expected that a storm would suddenly come!

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