Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 600

“But it’s not practical.”
The secretary said seriously, “Aside from those international brands, Lin will not have the slightest chance. Even domestic counterparts will not support it. No one wants to jump out of their comfort zone and give up the money they have.”
This is an endless loop. If you want to make money, you have to pick up people’s teeth and eat what others have left. This is also a strategy of foreign brands, but it is always effective.
Because no one is willing to give up vested interests!
Even if he Chen Gong, as the Shenghai general agent of the international famous brand Sri Lanka, admires the Lin Group, he still won’t give Lin a chance!
Chen Gong smiled. Of course he would not let the Lin Group succeed, otherwise his general agent would not be able to bear the consequences.
He got up, walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, and looked at his feet. He had occupied the market for many years, and his expression gradually showed a hint of playfulness.
“Lin Yuzhen, the general manager of the Lin Group, is really an interesting person.”
Chen Gong seemed to be muttering to himself, “I want to see her.”
The secretary did not speak.
When the Gao family held a reception before, Chen Gong also received the invitation letter, but he didn’t even look at it, so he threw it into the trash can.
Now, he said he wanted to meet Lin Yuzhen?
“but not now.”
A hint of meaning flashed in his eyes, and he turned to look at the secretary.
“Go ahead and do what I just said.”
The secretary nodded and walked out.
Chen Gong still stood in front of the French windows, spreading his hands, as if embracing the entire Shenghai.
“This entire market belongs to my Chen Palace. No one can take away a single cent. I want to give you some soup. You can only eat it. If I don’t want to give it to you, you will get nothing. ”
This market, he has the final say!
There are not no people who challenge themselves. After so many years, there have been several, but now they are?
I didn’t know where to go for a long time.
At that time.
Lin Yu is really in the company. She has just finished a meeting and decided what to do next.
“President Lin, just received a notice from the industry association that our new products of Lin’s did not meet the first-class standard, but barely reached the third-class, and can only be sold in the third-class product.”
Secretary Xiao Zhao was a little angry, “They are too much, just use their industry standards to crush us!”
This is clearly a warning.
If the Lin Group wants to establish its own industry standards, they use the standards to suppress it. They just want to tell Lin directly that there is no play.
Lin Yuzhen seems to have been prepared for a long time: “Well, I know, continue to plan online, and offline three categories will temporarily be placed in three categories.”
Xiao Zhao was a bit unwilling. Putting it in the third category would make consumers think that Lin’s products are two grades behind those of the big brands, and even the price is restricted.
How is this competition?
But seeing that Lin Yu really didn’t panic, she didn’t say anything, and immediately notified the arrangement.
She walked to the door, Jiang Ning was sitting in her seat, and opened the drawer to look for it: “Where are your snacks? Why don’t you buy snacks when you get to Shenghai, Xiao Zhao.”
“Brother Ning!”
Xiao Zhao pursed his mouth and said aggrieved, “When is the time, you still have the heart to eat snacks!”
Jiang Ning looked up, “Isn’t this just for snacks, take them out quickly, I’m bored.”
“Brother Ning, others have been bullied to President Lin, why don’t you care?”
Xiao Zhao was anxious.
In her heart, Jiang Ning is the omnipotent god, as long as he takes action, any problem can be solved, who dares to bully Lin like this, and Lin Yu is so true.

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