Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 601

“Is the rain really anxious?”
Jiang Ning turned over a bag of French fries, and was not at all polite, tearing open the package and eating.
“No, no, President Lin is quite calm.”
“That’s not enough, she can solve it, I believe her.”
“She is my wife,”
Jiang Ning gave Xiao Zhao a blank look, “Do you think anyone can be my wife?”
After speaking, he didn’t bother to pay attention anymore, and went downstairs with the French fries to find Wang Wei to make tea.
Xiao Zhao watched Jiang Ning go downstairs in a daze, only to react for a long time, Jiang Ning made a lot of sense!
The products of the Lin Group are judged by foreign industry standards as three types of products, which are two grades behind those of international brands. This makes Lin’s new products instantly suffer a major blow!
In offline sales channels, Lin’s new products have been put into the three sales columns, and the amount of exposure has almost been reduced to a minimum.
In particular, there is no channel for more than a dozen partners. Lin’s new products lack sales channels. The scattered stores are not franchised stores. Only in the corner can you find Lin’s new products.
This seems to have announced that Lin’s new products will be eliminated.
“I just said that the Lin Group did it to find its own way. The standard is that people have the final say. He still challenges others. A word from others can make them fall into hell!”
“Fortunately, I canceled the cooperation in a timely manner, otherwise all those products will be smashed in my hands now, and I will lose out!”
“Hey, the controllers of the Lin Group are really confused. They beat a good hand. That Lin Yu is so stupid!”
There are a lot of people talking and talking outside, and there are more people gloating.
They are all saying that the Lin Group made a wrong decision. It is obvious that it can take a place in the Shenghai market with new products. Even if it is impossible to get too much, it is definitely not a problem to make a lot of money.
But what about Lin Yu?
A wrong decision ruined everything!
Many partners are fortunate to have broken their cooperative relationship with Lin in time, otherwise they will be targeted by those big brands and they will have a hard time in Shenghai in the future.
No matter what was said outside, how bad it was, Lin Yuzhen ignored it.
She insisted on doing her own thing.
If offline is not possible, she will open online sales channels and set up a self-operated channel of the Lin Group to sell products of the Lin Group.
As for the offline, she invested the cost, let the staff go to the street to promote, give away for free, guide the use, the activity is very strong!
In just a few days, the consumption of funds has reached more than ten million!
But the effect is still not obvious.
“Lin Yu is really stupid, there is nowhere to spend more money? Hahahaha.”
“People are making money, but she still spends money. It’s too stupid. I’m afraid the Lin Group will be out of luck this time.”
“Think it’s free, and someone will use it? What people look at is the industry standard!”
People in the Lin group were angry when they heard these words, but Lin Yuzhen was still calm.
“The standard is not fixed. The quality of the product is the most convincing. I believe in Lin’s products. Therefore, I also believe that consumers are not fools. They can feel it after they use it.”
Lin Yuzhen did not stop, and continued to persist. The Lin Group’s branch in Shenghai, under her leadership, also persisted, ignoring the cynicism outside.
She did not complain to Jiang Ning, nor did she seek Jiang Ning’s help. She silently insisted on her decision without retreating.
One day, there was no effect.
For two days, there was still no effect.
For three days, it’s still the same,
There was more and more ridicule outside, and the sarcasm became more and more ugly.
Some people are even betting on how long the Lin Group can survive, and it will probably not be long before the Lin Group will not only get out of the sea, but may even go bankrupt!
Jiang Ning didn’t care about all this. He would not interfere with normal business competition. He believed Lin Yuzhen and believed that she was fully prepared.
Finally, this day, something happened.

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