Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 603

Wang Wei, who was sitting opposite, lowered his head and dared not speak, and gave Jiang Ning a peek.
Jiang Ning seemed to be a okay person, sitting there calmly.
“Indeed, this kind of person is too disgusting, thinking that this method can make Lin give in, it’s impossible.”
He also nodded solemnly to comfort Lin Yuzhen.
Wang Wei couldn’t help but put his thumbs up in his heart. Jiang Ning’s trick was really… dark enough!
The voice of public opinion is getting louder and louder, and the response is getting stronger and stronger, and more and more people support Lin’s products.
Orders for online sales are skyrocketing every day. Many beauty bloggers have stepped up and used their influence to fight against the so-called international standards.
They are the people who are most familiar with these products. Now that a good product with high quality and low price is hard to come up in China, why should they be suppressed by those big brands?
In just a few days, the reputation of Lin’s products has risen sharply!
Rave reviews!
Lin’s online sales are already too busy.
And offline.
In a store, a few young girls are college students at first glance. They don’t have enough financial strength. What they need most is this kind of good quality and cheap products.
“Boss, don’t you have Lin’s new product?”
“Lin’s? We don’t have any stock, but we have a big brand, Slanka…”
Before the boss had finished speaking, several female students shook their heads and left.
“Such a good thing is not even sold. Let’s go and see it elsewhere.”
The boss was startled. What wave is this all today?
Ask Lin’s products no matter what.
He thought for a while, and immediately called the superior distributor to ask if there was any Lin’s goods. This is a business opportunity!
This kind of thing happened in various stores throughout Shenghai.
High quality and low price, it has become the endorsement of Lin’s products, not to mention, this product is the endorsement of the big star Ye Qingwu, and there are more than a dozen beauty bloggers jointly recommended!
Especially ordinary white-collar workers, college students, this product is completely tailored for them.
More and more people consulted in offline stores and suggested merchants Lin’s products. This caused a dozen channel merchants to be overwhelmed for a while.
Lin’s products, unknowingly, became popular again, and no one seemed to care about them. Lin’s products only reached the three standards.
The faces of several dealers were a bit ugly.
They had obtained Lin’s cooperation first-hand and were able to sell Lin’s products as an agent in the first time, but now, they simply can’t get any source of goods.
Such a huge market, that’s all money!
“Why don’t you call President Lin? I beg her to not remember the villain’s fault?”
Several dealers were sitting there, their faces all ugly.
It was them who united to cancel the cooperation, and it was them who threatened Lin Yuzhen and gave up his own ideas.
Now the products of the Lin Group continue to grow in popularity. Obviously, it is because the quality of the products is indeed good. Consumers are looking at it. This is a huge business opportunity!
Not to mention, this product is proven by the market, and they all know how popular it was in the Southeast region.
I thought that this time Lin would be forced down by those big brands according to international standards. If it is not yet popular, I am afraid that it will die soon.
But now?
Can’t stop it!
A good product can’t stop it at all!
They can foresee that the products of the Lin Group will definitely be popular in the Shenghai market, because the Lin Group has taken a different path, and Lin Yu is really taking the road, it is too powerful!
A dealer can’t sit still.
This kind of business opportunity is fleeting.
If they don’t grasp it, they will really regret it for a lifetime.
And those big brands have high prices, and most people may not buy a set a year, but what about Lin’s products?
Good quality and cheap!
For ordinary consumers, that is a massive sinking market.
Which city does not have the most consumers like this?
The increase in sales alone can bring huge profits.
“I’m going to Lin’s now!”
“I am going too!”
“Let’s all go!”
No one can sit still. If they miss such an opportunity, the big brands they represent will not be sold, and they will suffer even worse.
More than a dozen people soon arrived downstairs at the Lin Group’s Shenghai branch, but they couldn’t get in.
The person at the front desk stopped and smiled and said, “How many have appointments? President Lin is very busy. If there is no appointment, I am sorry, we will not see President Lin.”
“Please let me know that we are all distributors and are willing to sell Lin’s new products. We have many offline stores!”
“Sorry, our company doesn’t consider cooperating with others for the time being.”
The front desk smiled, “If there is nothing else, please leave first.”

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