Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 605

Chen Gong didn’t expect that Lin Yuzhen’s trick had deceived himself.
Lin’s Group has announced that it wants to change industry standards and establish its own domestic industry standards, even at the mercy of it, cutting off the cooperative relationship with channel vendors that have managed to get online.
Such a big hand makes people think that the Lin Group insists on making its new products meet the first-class standards and directly compete with those major international brands!
But actually?
This is just a cover!
Lin Yuzhen’s goal is to quickly occupy the sinking market of Shenghai, targeting the most ordinary, lowest and most massive consumer groups!
“I really don’t know whether to call you smart or cunning, Lin Yuzhen.”
Chen Gong shook his head with a little surprise on his face and a little unconvinced. He didn’t expect that he would be deceived by the Lin Group.
It’s so easy to get into the opponent’s trap.
This is something he has never happened before in shopping malls for so many years.
The two opponents hadn’t met yet, and he fell in the midst of a battle in the air.
Now, the new products of the Lin Group have occupied a huge share of the sinking market. It can be said that the entire Shenghai cannot find a rival.
This is not a high-end market at all with their Sri Lanka, a major international brand.
What they do is high-end, aimed at the high-end consumer group, the price is high, but the sales volume is far less than the sinking market.
After all, in this world, ordinary talents will always be the main body.
Chen Gong was a little unhappy, not because the Lin Group’s products had achieved good results and turned the situation around, but because he felt that people like himself should not be deceived by Lin Yu’s simple tricks.
This is like a shame.
In his eyes, Lin, who was clearly vulnerable, used an international industry standard to completely beat his opponents, and even played with himself.
“Mr. Chen, I really didn’t expect that Lin Yu was so capable, I didn’t see it at all.”
The secretary was also amazed. No one could see that she was stealing the dragon and the phoenix. Until now, the result has come out, and Chen Gong reacted again and it was useless.
“Lin Yuzhen is going to hold a press conference tomorrow?”
Chen Gong asked blankly.
“Yes, give some explanations for Lin’s new business and self-operated stores.”
The secretary took a deep breath. Lin’s move is rare in this industry. Instead of cooperating with dealers, he chose to sell offline in self-operated stores and cooperate with online e-commerce.
This model has never been seen before.
“Call me reporter Zhang.”
The secretary retired immediately.
Chen Gong paced back and forth in the office, thinking for a while.
He walked to the desk and took out a business card, which he got from a dealer.
Without any hesitation, Chen Gong dialed the number immediately and made a decision. He has never been muddled.
“Hello, I am Lin Yuzhen.”
There was a voice on the other end of the phone.
“Hello there,”
Chen Gong’s tone is low and full of mature man’s breath, “Mr. Lin, I am Chen Gong, the general agent of the Silanka brand Shenghai.”
Hearing this name, Lin Yu really knew who the other party was.
International big brand, Silanka’s general agent in Shenghai!
The person who secretly classified the products of the Lin Group into three standards!

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