Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 606

“Unexpectedly, President Chen would call me,”
Lin Yuzhen said calmly, “Why, does Mr. Chen have any suggestions for our Lin’s products?”
Chen Gong listened to the nice voice on the phone, raised the tripod on the desk, and laughed.
“Mr. Lin is angry,”
He said lightly, “Because I asked people in the industry association to set the Lin Group’s new products into three types of industry standards?”
Lin Yu really didn’t speak.
“According to the current international standards, Lin’s products can indeed only reach three categories. I am not to blame for this.”
Chen Gong said, “However, I have a way to make Lin’s products a first-class standard, but I don’t know if Lin is interested?”
“Is that right, Mr. Chen is a good way to listen.”
Chen Gong is straight to the point.
“One of the makers of this industry standard is my Sri Lanka head office. The requirements are high and I think Mr. Lin can understand that I am not targeting the products of the Lin Group.”
Chen Gong disdainfully said, “I mean, none of the domestic products are of sufficient level to reach the first-class standard!”
This is to tell Lin Yuzhen directly that it is not just that the products of the Lin Group are rubbish, but all the domestic counterparts are rubbish.
No one can pull it out and fight with these major international brands!
“But there is a way, but it can be done.”
He laughed, “As long as the Lin Group becomes a sub-brand of Sri Lanka, then President Lin can claim to the public that your products are produced in accordance with the standards of Sri Lanka. In this way, naturally It has reached a standard.”
Lin Yu really listened, just wanting to sneer, Chen Gong is still thinking about putting Lin under the banner of Sri Lanka?
What an ambition this is!
“Mr Chen is really humorous.”
Lin Yuzhen said directly, “But this joke is not funny at all. If there is nothing else, just hang it up.”
“Mr. Lin, if you hope that the Lin Group’s products can always only meet the three standards, then this is a joke, you consider it.”
After speaking, Chen Gong hung up the phone.
He sneered. There are many ways to deal with the Lin Group. The industry standard alone can kill Lin!
Lin’s products can only be used in the sinking market and cannot enter the high-end market. Lin’s Group wants to develop, it is tantamount to a congenital defect, and it will never become a major international brand!
And Lin’s future goal, isn’t that true?
He had nothing to do with Lin’s throat. Chen Gong knew this very well, but it seemed that Lin Yu was really smart enough, but not sophisticated enough, and he didn’t know how to weigh the gains and losses.
“Mr. Chen, reporter Zhang is here.”
The secretary brought in a man with black-rimmed glasses.
“Mr. Chen.”
Chen Gong waved his hand to let the secretary go out, then called reporter Zhang to sit down, and poured him tea with a smile on his face.
“Xiao Zhang, this time, I need your help to do something. As for the remuneration, it is twice as much as last time. You should know what you should do, right?”
Hearing these words, the reporter’s eyes lit up. He didn’t make less of this kind of money!
On the other side, Lin Yuzhen, who put down the phone, just thought it was a little funny.
This Chen Gong suddenly contacted himself, asking Lin Group to become a sub-brand of Sri Lanka?
Where does his confidence come from?
“You didn’t agree, this guy, I’m afraid some tricks will be needed,”
Jiang Ning heard it completely, his face was neither happy nor angry, and there was no mood swing at all. After all, he had expected this method a long time ago, “I suddenly looked forward to it.”
Lin Yu really glanced at Jiang Ning.
The press conference to be held tomorrow is Jiang Ning’s idea, because Jiang Ning said that someone will definitely make trouble, but at the same time, that is the best time for the Lin Group to fight back!

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