Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 607

The press conference started on time!
There are a bunch of uninvited reporters and media who have been actively invited. The Lin Group’s product this time has indeed aroused a lot of public opinion, making many media want to catch this hot spot and report further.
In particular, the Lin Group itself has its own topic, and the distinctive corporate culture is enough to attract people.
As the keynote speaker, Lin Yuzhen explained the problems related to Lin’s products, and at the same time repeatedly assured that as long as there are quality problems with Lin’s products, Lin’s is absolutely responsible for the end.
Her aura is amazing, every gesture exudes a unique charm.
In front of Jiang Ning, Lin Yuzhen, who Xiaoniaiyiren, was completely different.
Lin Yuzhen, who entered the working state, seemed to be a workaholic, serious, focused, responsible, and meticulous.
Jiang Ning liked it the more I watched it.
“Next, if you have any questions, friends from the journalists can ask questions.”
Lin Yu really smiled and glanced at the crowd of media reporters below.
“I have a question to ask!”
Among the crowd, an *** man immediately raised his hand and shouted, “I would like to ask, since Lin wants to start his own brand in Shenghai, the products of the Lin Group are based on international industry standards. It’s just barely reaching the third category. Does such a product have the ability to enter the high-end market?”
This question is a bit acute.
It can even be said that it is somewhat provocative.
Everyone knows that Lin wants to establish his own domestic industry standards, but this reporter seems to be picking things up, and directly talks about the troubles Lin is facing.
If Lin can’t solve it, or propose a solution, doesn’t it mean that today’s press conference is completely in vain?
Having said so much, even the most basic problems cannot be solved, so what development is there to talk about.
“The Lin Group must enter the high-end market!”
Lin Yuzhen said every word, sonorously, “But, it’s not this product.”
“As far as I know, this is the best-selling product of Lin’s at present, and it represents Lin’s best technical level. Could it be said that the international industry standard judged it wrong?”
The reporter asked questions again, and in his words, Lin Yu really dug several holes.
If Lin Yuzhen said that he was wrong, it would be a thorough and open challenge to the international industry standards. When the time comes, he will have to deal with Lin, but it is not just a big brand of Sri Lanka.
If Lin Yuzhen said that his judgment was correct, he would admit that the Lin Group’s product level is only up to three categories!
It’s really insidious!
Several other executives sitting on the side stared at the reporter, wondering which media it was from, and they clearly came to look for things on purpose.
Want to make Lin Yu really make a fool of himself in front of the public.
“You’re right.”
Unexpectedly, Lin Yuzhen’s face was light and breezy, without a trace of anger, and smiled and said, “This new product of the Lin Group really only meets the three-category standards.”
As soon as this remark came out, the audience was in an uproar!
No one thought that Lin Yu would admit it so easily.
Does that mean that the products of the Lin Group can only enter the sinking market, and are not qualified to compete with those international brands to compete in the high-end market?
“Because, in my Lin’s own industry standards, the same is true.”
Lin Yuzhen’s second sentence made the audience suddenly quiet again.
“The Lin Group has its own industry standards, and it is also a standard that will soon be promoted to domestic use.
Lin Yuzhen said loudly, “Our new product currently only meets the three-category standards, not because our technical level is only three-category, but because this product is aimed at consumer groups and fits the three-category standards.
“Since we have established the corresponding industry standards and cannot reach the corresponding technical level, how to evaluate it? I think you, as a layman, will not understand this question.”
Lin Yuzhen’s words directly blocked the reporter’s mouth.
He asked again, that is, if the layman asks the insider, it is simply a trick. No matter what he says, it is not convincing.
Lin Yu’s meaning couldn’t be more obvious. The reporter thought he really dug a hole for Lin Yu, but he did not expect that Lin Yu really jumped down, but in that hole, he dug a deeper hole and pit him in!
“I think the reputation of this product is obvious to all. In terms of quality and product effectiveness, it is not inferior to those big brands. In this case, those big brands that meet the international first-class standards, I am afraid they only meet our Lin’s third-class standards. ”
This is Lin Yu’s real purpose!
As soon as she said something, almost all the reporters turned their eyes to Reporter Zhang.
The look was clearly questioning, thinking that he was arranged by the Lin Group to deliberately sing the double act!

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