Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 608

How much money is this fucking charged, and the cooperation is so good.
Reporter Zhang’s face suddenly changed, and he was really fooled by Lin Yu!
His few questions fell into the trap step by step, indirectly raising the standards of the Lin Group to a higher level than the international standards!
The first-class international standard only meets the third-class Lin Group. What does this mean?
This shows that the so-called first-class standard brands are not even better than Lin’s third-class products with high quality and low price!
Reporter Zhang felt that Lin Yuzhen’s slap made him blush, and the carefully prepared trap put himself in.
How can I explain to Chen Gong this time?
“Do you have any questions?”
Lin Yuzhen was still calm and asked with a smile.
Reporter Zhang dared to ask, he was afraid that he would be played by Lin Yuzhen again, he realized that Lin had already prepared!
“There is no problem, then today’s press conference is over. The Lin Group will launch a class of standard products within three months. Then, please appreciate it.”
After speaking, Lin Yu really got up and left.
The flashlight kept on, and every report was issued quickly, causing another sensation in the major media.
Looking at the latest report, Chen Gong’s expression is a bit ugly this time.
With a sullen face, he turned his head to look at reporter Zhang standing there, sneered again and again.
“I asked you to dig a hole for Lin Yuzhen, but you went to cheer for her?”
“No, I don’t have Mr. Chen!”
“Some people say, how much did you charge Lin? How much better than what I gave!”
Chen Gong roared.
“I do not have!”
Reporter Zhang shivered with fright, “I did everything according to your requirements!”
“Hehe, did it as I requested?”
Chen Gong walked into Reporter Zhang, raised his hand and slapped him without any politeness. He roared directly, “You made the big brand of Silanka only meet the Lin’s three standards, do you know what this means! ”
His eyes are about to burst out, and he is furious, “This means Lin Yu is really going to succeed!”
“You are such an idiot!”
Chen Gong was trembling with anger.
What a Lin Yu really, too cunning, this press conference is not for the Lin family, but for Chen Gong deliberately.
He wanted to dig a big hole for Lin Yuzhen and Lin at the press conference, but he did not think that this press conference was the pit that Lin had dug for him!
He also took the initiative to jump down!
Being teased by Lin Yuzhen again and again, especially someone he had never seen before, made Chen Gong annoyed: “Lin Yuzhen! Do you really think you can grab something from my mouth to eat? Dreaming!”
If he can’t get back this round, I’m afraid he will become a laughing stock in the industry!
The general agent of the dignified international brand lost to a woman who came from the south. Where could Chen Gong swallow this breath?
He was about to find a way when the phone rang suddenly.
After taking a look at the number, Chen Gong’s face changed slightly and he immediately connected the call.
“President, hello!”
Chen Gong was a little nervous. If such an incident happened, the news must have spread to the headquarters soon.
It’s about the brand’s reputation, it’s no small matter!
“Chen, I have heard about Shenghai. You did a good job.”
Chen Gong was taken aback, the president praised himself?
“From today, I will give you a long enough vacation until you find a new job.”
But the next sentence made Chen Gong feel as if he had fallen into the abyss!
“President! President!”
He didn’t finish speaking, and the phone was hung up.
Is the impact of this incident that big already?
Chen Gong didn’t feel that he would lose so badly!

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