Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 610

Jiang Ning pretended to be a mysterious way.
Lin Yuzhen was taken aback and nodded immediately.
That name is truly worthy of its name, and it is a title that all shopping mall women really admire.
When she was still in college, she had heard of the northern business goddess. That woman is definitely the first person in the domestic business community!
But now that he suddenly became the southern business goddess, Lin Yu was really dumbfounded.
How can I compare with that woman.
“She’s Long Ling’er,”
Jiang Ning looked at Lin Yuzhen, “She also said, it’s me who won’t marry.”
As soon as the voice fell, Lin Yuzhen’s expression was stunned. She suddenly understood that Jiang Ning had told her before that someone would come to grab her husband, and that the woman was very good, probably the best woman at present.
It turned out that it was the business goddess from the north?
She is not Jiangning who will not marry!
Lin Yuzhen felt tremendous pressure in an instant. If it were that woman, that woman besides awe and admiration, how could he compare with her.
“Husband, I seem to be inferior to her.”
Lin Yuzhen’s eyes were a little red, and his face was even more aggrieved.
She was a little scared for the first time, afraid that Jiang Ning would really leave her and be snatched away by other women!
“Who said this?”
Jiang Ning smiled, took Lin Yuzhen’s hand, and said every word, “You are the southern business goddess, you are not worse than her northern business goddess!”
“I want to take you to the north to defeat her!”
Lin Yu really looked at Jiang Ning dumbfounded.
Go north and defeat the woman called a business wizard?
“You have no confidence?”
Jiang Ning asked, “Then I will be abducted by others.”
Lin Yu was really anxious, “I have! I won’t let you be abducted by others!”
She hugged Jiang Ning’s waist, as if she would be abducted when she let go.
Jiang Ning couldn’t help laughing.
He hugged Lin Yuzhen tightly and said in his heart, no one in this world can separate the two of them, even the king of heaven and Laozi can’t do it!
The news spread quickly, not to mention that someone secretly brought the news to the north deliberately.
Suddenly, a business goddess appeared in the south, causing a sensation in the entire business circle.
North, Linglong Group!
It can be said to be a giant pillar in the north!
In just five years, the founder Long Linger started from scratch and built a terrifying business empire.
In more than a dozen industries, they have occupied the top spot, and no one can shake it!
Long Ling’er’s name is like a high god, so other people can only look up and worship, and they don’t even have the courage to get closer. This kind of genius puts huge pressure on those of the same age in the north.
But who knows, Long Linger feels lonely.
Linglong Group Building, with a full 100 floors, is a landmark building in the north.
There is a stone dragon head on the top of the building, with a vigorous aura, and there are dragon scales carved on it on the building, and there is a strong aura, which makes people feel more pressure just to see this building.
On the top floor of the building, in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, a woman stood there with her long hair tied up, her face full of heroism, and a professional attire, completely showing her figure.
That kind of aura, even across the tempered glass, makes people unafraid.
“The Goddess of Southern Business,”
Long Ling’er’s face was calm. For so many years, it seemed that few people could see her smile, like a piece of ice for thousands of years, always a cold expression, strangers, “Unexpectedly, there will be a southern business goddess.”

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