Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 614

Of course, this is the worst possible.
Others may not have thought of this, but Jiang Daoran is not an ordinary person. His vision is very accessible, and he knows that in the north, there are not only hidden dragons and crouching tigers, but also hidden terrifying characters in the dark!
Jiang Daoran’s expression was serious, making Jiang Hai nervous.
“Patriarch, young master, is there any danger?”
He followed Jiang Daoran for many years, and looking at Jiang Daoran’s expression, he knew that the situation was a little troublesome.
“Don’t worry, his identity, besides you and me, there are probably no more than three people known in the entire North. The Long Family is just a guess at best.”
Jiang Daoran said lightly, “As for the other houses, huh, they are the same, just guess.”
Jiang Ning’s identity will not be easily leaked, but those who have hands and eyes open to the sky can still find some clues.
If it’s just a guess, then they will definitely try and prove it.
Jiang Ning, I’m afraid there will be trouble.
“Don’t worry about him,”
Jiang Daoran snorted, “Don’t let him suffer a bit, this stinky boy doesn’t know how difficult it is to survive in this north, we just need to do our own thing.”
Jiang Hai immediately responded.
He knew that Jiang Daoran would make big moves, and all he could do was to do his best to execute Jiang Daoran’s orders.

Lin Yuzhen became famous in the first battle and was called the Southern Business Goddess, which made Lin’s products continue to skyrocket!
The speed of market expansion directly shows explosive growth, which is amazing.
It can be said that the Lin family has a firm foothold in Shenghai. As long as they maintain this rhythm, they will work hard in this international metropolis. In the future, they will use this as a pedal to jump out of the country and become a multinational corporation. It’s difficult.
Everything was settled, and Lin Yu was really relieved.
After fighting for more than a month, Lin Yu really never had a good rest.
Jiang Ning took her, soaked in the hot spring comfortably, had another meal, and hugged her to sleep well.
When he woke up the next day, Lin Yu was full of energy.
“I’m going back.”
In Jiang Ning’s arms, Lin Yu was really lazy, and her hair was a little fluffy. She didn’t care at all, and kept rubbing Jiang Ning’s chin.
Jiang Ning was itchy.
“I miss my mother’s cooking.”
Jiang Ning sighed, “I can go home.”
“You are a greedy cat!”
Lin Yu really snorted, “Get up, find Qingwu to have a meal, let’s go back, Mom said that we have prepared good things for us in the evening.”
Like a cat, she got out of Jiang Ning’s arms, jumped out of bed, stepped on slippers, picked up the phone on the table, and called Ye Qingwu.
The phone rang several times, but no one answered it.
“Huh? Is Qing Wu busy?”
Lin Yu really hung up, “Call again later, let’s change clothes first!”
With that, she pulled Jiang Ning up and pushed him to wash.
at the same time.
Ye Qingwu was in her home, she hadn’t come back for almost half a year.
Her face was not very good. She stood for half an hour without moving. In front of her, there was a man who was not too tall, but was very strong, dressed in a practice suit, and was sorting out the training equipment on the ground. .
He didn’t seem to see Ye Qingwu at all, and directly treated her as air.
“If you don’t speak anymore, I will leave.”
Ye Qingwu said, “You don’t want to see me anyway, so why call me back.”
After speaking, she took a deep look at that figure and turned to leave.
“Hmph, dare you to leave, don’t recognize my dad in the future!”
Ye Shan finally spoke, full of anger.
He was really angry at Ye Qingwu’s entry into this line. From the first day on, he firmly opposed it.
He doesn’t know much about the entertainment industry, but what he heard proves that it is not a good industry, it hides dirt and is filthy!
If you don’t find a good job, you have to show your face to sing, and sing and dance in front of tens of thousands of people, what it looks like!
Especially, Ye Qingwu’s concert some time ago was very popular!
The crazy look of the tens of thousands of listeners at the scene made Ye Shan even more unacceptable.
“Where did I lose your face?”
Ye Qingwu’s shoulders trembled slightly, “Just because I like singing? Is this wrong.”
“That’s not a serious business!”
Ye Shan said angrily, “Let you find a decent job, what’s wrong? It’s not a good idea to live a stable life and find a good family to marry, a husband and a child, isn’t it good?”
“Being public all day long, dressed weirdly, what it looks like!”
He was furious, “Do you know what the neighbors say about you? Isn’t it ashamed? It’s ashamed!”

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