Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 615

Ye Qingwu shook his head.
“How ashamed? I just sang. I never did a shameful thing. I didn’t let go of my dignity. What was wrong with me?”
She smiled bitterly, her face full of helplessness, “You would rather believe what other people say than your own daughter.”
“In the entertainment industry, is there a clean place!”
Ye Shan roared.
There are a lot of people talking and talking outside, and they say that there are unspoken rules everywhere, in order to get resources, to be famous, to betray hue, and even dignity can be discarded.
Even if Ye Qingwu insisted, but there were so many bad people outside, would they easily let Ye Qingwu go?
Ye Qingwu responded, “My current boss takes good care of me and only allows me to sing and never asks me to do anything else.”
“Your boss?”
Ye Shan’s expression suddenly changed.
He walked quickly to Ye Qingwu, with deep eyes, staring into Ye Qingwu’s eyes, and said every word, “What boss? Male female, why does he take care of you so much?”
Nothing to show courtesy, absolutely no peace of mind!
He is a man himself, and knows best how bad a man can be.
“He didn’t do anything to me, you think too much.”
“Hmph, I haven’t done anything to you now, what about the future? He is kind to you, doesn’t he have any plans? You are too young!”
Ye Shan was angry and anxious, “Where is he, let him come to see me, I will let him terminate the contract with you!”
Ye Qingwu thought it was funny.
Why does his father always think of the entertainment industry so dirty? Indeed, before, perhaps it was similar to what Ye Shan thought, but now it is different.
Her boss, Jiang Ning, is Lin Yu’s real husband.
At the same time, he is extremely principled. An admirable person, he simply disdains those unspoken rules.
With Jiang Ning’s excellence, if he really wants to play with flowers, he doesn’t know how many women will take the initiative to pounce on it.
“He is very busy and has no time to see you.”
Ye Qingwu’s voice was very soft, and he waved his hand, “Okay, I don’t want to say any more, since you don’t want to see me so much, I will go now.”
She turned to leave, and the phone in her bag rang again.
Ye Qingwu just took it out to connect, and when he heard the voice of a man from the opposite side, Ye Shan grabbed it.
“Are you Ye Qingwu’s boss?”
There was a pause for two seconds on the other side, and Jiang Ning’s voice came.
“It really is you!”
Ye Shan heard the affirmative reply from the other side, and his face immediately sank, “What are you looking for Ye Qingwu for!”
Ye Qingwu didn’t have a job today. As the boss, he must have been uneasy when calling Ye Qingwu early in the morning.
“Find her for dinner.”
Jiang Ning answered truthfully.
Sure enough, I didn’t feel good about it!
Ye Shan understood it all at once.
First eat, then drink, what else will happen if you drink too much?
Even if he is not young, he knows what the current social atmosphere is like.
Fortunately, I ran into him today, otherwise Ye Qingwu would suffer a lot!
“She is at home now, come and pick her up.”
Ye Shan has the urge to break Jiang Ning’s legs. He calmly said, “Yesan Martial Arts Hall, you should find it.”
After speaking, he hung up the phone directly.
Ye Qingwu was a little angry.
“Dad, how can you do this, Jiang Ning must have something to do with me.”
What’s that tone of Yeshan?
I was asking Jiang Ning completely, and directly treating Jiang Ning as someone full of evil thoughts.
But where would Jiang Ning be such a person? He has Lin Yuzhen, and he will only have Lin Yuzhen in his heart in this life.
“Something? If you don’t go to work today, what can he do if he finds you?”
Ye Shan snorted, “When he comes over, I will let him know that I, Ye Shan’s daughter, can’t be bullied by anyone!”
After he finished speaking, he furiously ran to the side to sort the sandbags.
When I couldn’t help it, punch after punch on the sandbag, it shook.
On the other end, Jiang Ning put down the phone and turned to look at Lin Yuzhen who was combing his hair.
“Qing Wu is at home. It should be her dad who answered the phone and told us to go to her house to find her.”
“her home?”
Lin Yuzhen turned his head, “I haven’t been to Qingwu’s house yet.”
In fact, Ye Qingwu rarely mentioned her family, and it seemed that the relationship with the family was not good, and Lin Yuzhen never asked.
“Then let’s go find her.”
Lin Yuzhen looked in the mirror and looked again. Today’s hairstyle seems to look good, Jiang Ning has been staring at him.
The two took a taxi to Yeshan Martial Arts Hall. The place seemed a bit remote. In the old city, everywhere was a bit old. The plaque at the door was obviously wiped off frequently and spotlessly clean.
Jiang Ning stood at the door, raised his head and glanced up, squinting his eyes slightly.

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