Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 618

Ye Qingwu ran over from the back room and was furious when she saw that Ye Shan was so cruel.
“You are too much, how can you do this!”
She rushed to Jiang Ning and blocked Ye Shan, “Are you injured? I’m really sorry!”
Lin Yuzhen hurried to Jiang Ning and looked left and right. Seeing that Jiang Ning had no signs of injury, he was relieved.
“Scared me!”
Jiang Ning hadn’t spoken yet, Ye Shan blushed, full of resentment and grievance.
Are you such a senseless person!
He is a dignified elder, will he really start to hurt a younger generation?
Besides, even if you get hurt, I’m afraid you are hurt yourself!
Lin Yuzhen didn’t know him, but Ye Qingwu was his own daughter. He was helping her out and protecting her. She even blamed herself?
Ye Shan was so angry that he wanted to curse.
“Husband, it’s okay if you’re fine, I’m really scared.”
Lin Yu really patted the little heart and let out a long breath.
Ye Shan froze when Lin Yu really called Jiang Ning.
“Are you his wife?”
He looked at Lin Yuzhen.
Lin Yu really nodded.
“That Qingwu…”
“It’s my good girlfriend.”
Lin Yuzhen smiled and said, “Uncle Ye, I’m Lin Yuzhen, didn’t Qing Wu tell you?”
Ye Shan’s brain buzzed, Lin Yuzhen, this name seems a bit familiar, has Ye Qingwu ever said it, he doesn’t remember it, but recently in Shenghai, I seem to hear this name often.
She is this kid’s wife, what is the relationship between Ye Qingwu and this kid?
“He is really just my boss. He protects me because I am a good sister Yuzhen. Do you understand now.”
Ye Qingwu knew that Ye Shan had misunderstood his relationship with Jiang Ning, and she was a little helpless.
“Fortunately, you didn’t hurt Jiang Ning. Otherwise, how would you tell me to explain to Yuzhen?”
“They came to me because they were about to leave Shenghai. Before leaving, they just asked me to have a meal, and there was nothing serious about it. Why do you put such a heavy hand on it.”
Ye Shan listened to Ye Qingwu, and his old face became more and more red.
“Forget it, it’s okay, I’m just discussing it with Uncle Ye. Uncle Ye is measured and won’t hurt me.”
Jiang Ning glanced at Ye Shan, and suddenly felt a little sympathetic to him, and hurriedly spoke to make a round of it.
He saw that Ye Shan had misunderstood his relationship with Ye Qingwu, thinking that he was going to bully Ye Qingwu on the basis of his identity as the boss. This was to teach himself a lesson and disarm him.
Hey, a serious and old-fashioned middle-aged man who spoils his daughter but is not good at expressing.
Ye Shan’s eyes were a little red.
He has never been so wronged in his life like today.
Is he the one who was almost injured?
Jiang Ning’s pervert, his strength is too terrifying, he, an old boxer who has reached the level of the master, has no advantage in Jiang Ning’s hands. If this is a fight, it will only be him who will die!
But as a result, I have to be scolded!
Where does this make sense?
“It’s too late to go out to eat. Let’s have a bite at my house. I will fry two dishes. I will take you to the airport later.”
Ye Qingwu didn’t look at Ye Shan, she turned to look at Lin Yuzhen, and asked her for advice.
Lin Yu really didn’t speak, but instead glanced at Ye Shan, fearing that Ye Shan would be unhappy.
“There are vegetables in the refrigerator. Go and fry some.”
Ye Shan snorted.
Lin Yuzhen nodded and followed Ye Qingwu back to the back room.
Jiang Ning wanted to follow, but Ye Shan stopped calling.
But Lin Yu was really relieved, knowing that they couldn’t fight anymore.
Jiang Ning and Ye Shan were left in the exercise room again.
Ye Shan walked to the door, closed the doors, his face became extremely serious.
He walked up to Jiang Ning, his eyes were deep, and he was completely different from the old father who spoiled his daughter just now.
“Shenghai, the master-level masters, did you kill them!”

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