Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 626

I am afraid that only Jiang Ning would dare to say such things.
Steward Zhao was startled at first, and then said: “These old gangsters will be a little troublesome. They don’t like to be bound by secular rules. I’m afraid they will not be so easy to guard against.”
Just like Remnant Sword, he never puts the worldly rules in his eyes, and he dared to kill the northerners in panic with one sword!
“They are just pedantic, conservative, stubborn and uncivilized, Lao Zhao, you look up to them.”
Jiang Ning waved his hand without paying attention, “Especially these old antiques, don’t care.”
Steward Zhao didn’t say anything, and immediately responded according to Jiang Ning’s intention.
Donghai’s reply made those families of northern surnames who have been paying attention to the East China Sea a little gloat.
“Whether love will come, the king of the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea, really dare to say!”
“He must be crazy, that’s Tan Xing! A great master! Is love coming? He even dared to reply to Tan Xing like this. This time, no one can save Dong Hai.”
“It seems that the Tan family has six masters at the master level. Almost all members of the family are martial arts practitioners. This time, Dong Hai is in big trouble!
Some are gloating at misfortunes, others are scornful, and others feel that the people of the East China Sea dare to say such things, naturally they have confidence.
For so long, when has the name of the East China Sea forbidden land been broken?
Even if it was the Tan clan who was provoked this time, some people still felt that Dong Hai must have made enough preparations and had no fear of Tan clan.
Some people did not say a word, hiding in the dark, waiting quietly for the result.
When the news came back to Beishan, the entire Tan clan was angry, and they wished to step on the East China Sea immediately!
But Tan Xing was very calm, his face was neither sad nor happy, he was still an expert, as if he didn’t take Jiang Ning’s words to heart at all.
“There are two days left.”
He said lightly.
There are still two days!
Tan Xing said, within three days, if Jiang Ning came to apologize and asked Jing to plead guilty, then he could spare Jiang Ning’s life.
It was less than three days now, and he ignored what Jiang Ning was saying now.
No matter who it is, in the end, you have to bow your head, otherwise, you will have to pay a great price!
What forbidden land in the East China Sea?
Tan Xing doesn’t care, people in the old rivers and lakes, what big storms and waves have not been seen, what have not been heard?
Even though the quack circles are no longer there, those quack spirits have never disappeared.
At least he Tan Xing has always maintained his arrogance.
Tan’s warning and Dong Hai’s response attracted close attention from all parties. No one had expected that Dong Hai’s response would be so arrogant.
Does love come?
Don’t you want to live anymore!
Even the big family in the north dare not say such things to the Tan family, right?
That is the entire inheritance of the Twelve-Road Tan Leg, and it is the mainstay of the North Leg School in the line of the old Jianghu!
Even the large-scale patriarchs in the north, and even the wealthy families, are not polite to these old rivers and lakes. Who dares to provoke them like this.
The East China Sea is over.
Completely finished!
Three days, one day has passed, Dong Hai’s response caused an uproar!
Tan’s people are already completely angry.
One by one, they can’t wait to kill them immediately to the East China Sea, so that they can see how powerful the Tan family is.
“Too arrogant! I’ll go to the East China Sea and beat them to the ground!”
“What, dare to say such a thing, will love come or not? Then let’s go now! Let’s go!”
“Tread the East China Sea! Tread the East China Sea!”

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