Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 638

“I am Long Linger!”
Long Ling’er looked at Jiang Ning and reached out to catch him. Those eyes suddenly became red, “I am Ling’er! Don’t you remember me?”
Jiang Ning stepped back two steps, avoided Long Ling’er’s hand, and hurriedly said, “I don’t know you! What Long Ling’er? I haven’t heard the name.”
Now, Long Linger’s turn was stunned.
Jiang Ning, don’t you know yourself?
Isn’t it him? impossible! All the information she found showed that this Jiang Ning in the East China Sea was the same him back then, that stinky bastard!
“You lied to me on purpose, didn’t you?”
Long Ling’er’s eyes were a little red, staring at Jiang Ning, her eyes filled with grievances, “You are him, I can’t remember wrong, you are the Jiang Ning from the northern Jiang family!”
“Girl, you really recognize the wrong person. My name is Jiang Ning, but it seems that the person you know is not the same.”
Jiang Ning smiled, “I’m sorry to pick up my wife from get off work.”
After speaking, he turned and left.
Where would Long Ling’er be willing to put it, stepped forward and grabbed Jiang Ning’s hand and opened his sleeve directly, “Don’t want to lie to me, the tooth mark I bite must still be there, you can’t lie to me!”
She pulled Jiang Ning’s sleeve abruptly, but at that location in the memory, she didn’t see the scar that she wanted to see.
Long Ling’er was stunned.
not him?
Long Ling’er was stunned. The tooth mark that caused Jiang Ning’s arm to bleed when he was a child, was there actually?
This is impossible!
At that time, the doctors said that she bite very deeply, and she will definitely leave scars, but now, why is there no more?
“Don’t be like this. It’s not good to be seen by my wife.”
Jiang Ning retracted his hand, took two steps back busy, and looked at Long Ling’er strangely, “You really admitted the wrong person.”
Long Ling’er stared blankly, how could it not be him?
The eyebrows are so similar, although I haven’t seen them for many years, the feeling can’t be wrong.
“You deliberately want to avoid me, right?”
Long Ling’er didn’t give up, staring at Jiang Ning and said seriously.
Her eyes had never left Jiang Ning’s face, as if she wanted to see a little bit of Jiang Ning’s, surely it was the stinky bastard back then!
“Miss Long, you seem to be going too far.”
Suddenly, a voice came.
Lin Yuzhen came over, with a trace of dissatisfaction and anger on his face, “If you come to the Lin Group for inspection, then I am very welcome, but when you come, you say that you want to take my husband away. This is not without your identity. Right.”
She walked to Jiang Ning and frowned deliberately. Jiang Ning immediately stood behind her, like an obedient little daughter-in-law.
“Wife, I ignored her, she was harassing me.”
He hid behind Lin Yuzhen, with a cautious appearance, he looked like a son-in-law at home.
Long Ling’er frowned even more tightly.
“Are you really not him?”
She looked at Jiang Ning and asked seriously, “As long as you admit that it is, I will take you away immediately, even if I exchange it with my Linglong Group, I don’t care.”
In her eyes, no matter what Jiang Ning became, she was her person and more important than anything else.
What is the Linglong Group?
“I said, don’t change.”
Lin Yuzhen said strongly, “By the way, I want to tell Miss Long that the Lin family has just started, but in the future, it will definitely not be worse than your Linglong Group.”
“Jiangning is my man, no one can take him away!”
Very domineering!
In contrast to Lin Yuzhen, the appearance of Jiang Ning hiding behind her is like what a man should have.
Long Linger’s eyes flickered, and he kept recalling the shadow of that stinky bastard back then.
That guy, even though he was kicked out of the rich, the stubbornness and stubbornness in his bones were definitely not something the man in front of him could have. He was too weak.
The door-to-door son-in-law, I’m afraid that Jiang Ning, even if he starves to death on the street, doesn’t bother to do such a thing.
Not him, definitely not him.

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