Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 639

“Sorry, I confessed to the wrong person.”
Long Ling’er’s face returned to apathy. He glanced at Jiang Ning, a trace of loss flashed in his eyes, and then glanced at Lin Yuzhen again, “I look forward to your achievements.”
After speaking, she entered the elevator without looking back.
Seeing the elevator door closed and slowly descending, Lin Yuzhen turned his head and looked at Jiang Ning.
“Why pretend not to know?”
Jiang Ning knew her clearly, and he knew that Long Linger was not willing to give up her at all.
“Are you afraid of her, will take you away from me?”
Her eyes were a little red, and if Jiang Ning wanted to leave, she couldn’t stop it, nor would she stop it.
Think about how desperate she was when she first met Jiang Ning, and when she first married Jiang Ning, she could not wait to divorce Jiang Ning immediately and stay away from Jiang Ning, but now, she can’t bear it anymore.
Without Jiang Ning by his side, what’s the point?
Jiang Ning said, “I am protecting her.”
Lin Yu was really startled, and didn’t understand what it meant.
“She was targeted.”
The expression on Jiang Ning’s face became serious. He stretched out his hand and squeezed Lin Yuzhen’s small face, “Seeing her, how do you feel now?”
“I think it’s not easy to keep you by my side,”
Lin Yu said seriously, “She really cares about you, no matter what you become, no matter how many years have passed, you are always in her heart. For a moment, I even felt that I shouldn’t have you.”
“Then I will go with her.”
Jiang Ning was about to leave, “You can still earn a Linglong Group, not at a loss.”
Lin Yuzhen narrowed his mouth, almost crying: “If you go, I will have nothing.”
After listening, Jiang Ning felt guilty and hurriedly hugged Lin Yuzhen in his arms.
“Sorry, I shouldn’t be kidding you,”
He took a deep breath, “Don’t worry, I said, no one can take me away from you, no matter who it is.”
“I know,”
Lin Yuzhen said, “But I still don’t want to lose. I should be better than her to be qualified to stand by your side. Don’t worry, I won’t let you go unless you don’t want me.”
What else can Jiang Ning say?
He hugged Lin Yuzhen and kissed her hard.
“It’s stamped! It’s a deal!”
After sending Lin Yuzhen back to the office, Jiang Ning left.
Downstairs, Huang Yuming was already waiting.
“All followed.”
He had a serious expression on his face, “Since Long Ling’er left from the north, someone followed her. She was unidentified and powerful. I don’t know what she came from.”
“Continue tracking to ensure Long Linger’s safety.”
A murderous look appeared on Jiang Ning’s face, “Finally!”
“It seems that that person, after all, can’t hold his breath anymore.”
Leaving the Lin Group, Long Ling’er was a little lost.
She still remembered in her mind that those scenes from her childhood wanted to overlap Jiang Ning’s appearance at that time with the current Jiang Ning.
But no matter what, they can’t overlap.
The Jiang Ning I just saw was clearly a cowardly door-to-door son-in-law. In front of Lin Yuzhen, he didn’t even dare to speak loudly. How could this be that Jiang Ning who dared to beat other family children when he was a child?
It’s absolutely impossible!
“He has amnesia? Or is he just another person?”
Long Ling’er’s eyes were a little red.
She came with full expectation, but in the end she was just lost.
“Maybe, he would have died a long time ago.”
After fifteen years, he has grown up, but after fifteen years of wandering and helpless Jiangning, I am afraid that he would have died on the street long ago.
“Ring Ling Ling…”
The phone rang, Long Linger glanced at the number and answered tiredly, his voice filled with disappointment: “It’s not him, it’s not the person I missed.”
After speaking, she hung up the phone directly, not wanting to say another word.
“Miss, where are you going now?”
The driver asked.
“Go back to the hotel first, and go back to the north tomorrow.”
Long Ling’er closed his eyes, leaning on the car seat, thinking in her heart, perhaps in this life, she will never see that person again.
And just behind her car, there was a car hidden in the traffic, always keeping a distance from Long Ling’er.
“The Lord said, as long as the results can be tested, no matter what means we use!”
One of them, Sen said coldly.
“how do you want to do it?”
Another person asked.
Those insidious eyes stared at Long Ling’er’s car, killing her all, “Kill her!”

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