Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 645

“Big Brother!”
Two punches blasted out!
It seems to shake the mountain!
The expressions of the two men in black changed drastically, and they hurriedly stepped back a dozen steps, staring at Jiang Ning in shock, their faces full of disbelief.
“So strong!”
This type of punching power depends entirely on the power of the body, how could it be so terrifying?
The eyes of the two men in black changed, thinking of this battle formation technique, and at this moment, they personally felt Jiang Ning’s fist, and a name suddenly appeared in their minds.
“who are you!”
“Kill your people!”
Jiang Ning was nothing but nonsense. His eyes were like cold stars in the dark night, and he could not help shaking when he saw the two men in black.
A little bit under his feet, his strength burst instantly!
Just the first step, the violent wind that set off made the two men in black panic all over their faces!
Jiang Ning stepped out, and the ground sank in instantly. Like a cannonball, he was fierce and domineering, and almost instantly, he swept in front of the two men in black.
The two men in black roared, feeling an instant chill on their backs, but they had no choice but to punch Jiang Ning, and have no other chance!
There was a loud noise, and immediately came the sound of bone cracking.
They felt their fists hit the steel plate, even if they were already extremely strong in horizontal kung fu, this punch, almost instantaneously, shattered their self-confidence!
All disdain and arrogance disintegrated and fell apart in an instant!
Jiang Ning threw out two punches in a row, the fist roared, causing a series of bursts of air, and the fist bones of the two men in black directly broke apart!
“You…you are!”
One of the men in black, his face changed drastically!
His eyes were full of horror, and the most worrying thing actually happened!
He didn’t dare to say that name, but the fear in his eyes didn’t stop at all!
The Lord must be told immediately, and the news must be sent back.
The person behind this East China Sea Forbidden Land turned out to be that person, really that person!
“You know the battle formation technique. I didn’t expect that you would be such a familiar person.”
Jiang Ning stared at the two men in black, “It’s just that I don’t know whose subordinates you are, and whose orders you are listening to.”
“It doesn’t matter, since you are in the East China Sea, don’t leave.”
He stood there, but didn’t move any more, and coldly shouted, “Vengeance for Eighteen!”
As soon as the voice fell, Brother Gou and others roared, looted in an instant, and furiously rushed away!
The people who have been broken their fist bones, where there is any resistance, are instantly swallowed by crazy people like Brother Gou…

But for a moment, the bones of the two men in black were interrupted every inch and they collapsed on the ground, unable to move.
Their faces were full of horror.
Not only afraid of Jiangning, but also the entire East China Sea!
Fear of this group of lunatics!
After this battle, they thoroughly understood that the so-called East China Sea Forbidden Land was definitely not only because of Jiangning, this terrifying powerhouse, but also because…
“I know, you definitely won’t tell who the person behind it is, so I don’t intend to ask you either.”
Jiang Ning walked over and looked down at the two men in black, with a cold light flashing in his eyes, “Go on the road.”
Without a trace of hesitation, he stomped on it, and the two men in black were killed instantly!
For this kind of people, Jiang Ning is very clear that it is simply impossible to use means to force them to confess who the person behind them is.
But at least, he was sure that his direction was not wrong.
Those rich families in the north are already rotten to their bones.
Now, are they also beginning to be afraid?
These two people are very familiar with battle formation techniques, which means that they have been exposed to battle formation techniques, and the people behind them may even know themselves.
Jiang Ning was not surprised at all when they suddenly appeared in the East China Sea.
The forbidden area in the East China Sea is now showing its full glory, and he even let out his words to kill to the north!
There will always be people who can’t sit still.
Jiang Ning turned to leave, and Brother Dog suddenly shouted, “What is this?”
He turned his head, Brother Dog was squatting on the ground, pulling off the collars of the two men in black. On the sides of their necks, there was a tattoo with a special pattern!
A red cloud!

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