Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 649

For a time, the business situation changed suddenly.
Some people say that the Linglong Group is using cannons to beat the mosquitoes, which is a waste of energy. The Lin Group is not worthy of their attention at all.
It is also said that the Lin’s development is too fast and the potential is huge, and the Linglong Group feels threatened, so they want to kill the Lin in the cradle while the Lin’s is still in its infancy!
Some people say that the Lin Group is destined to fall before it has fully developed. Everything is just a bubble, which will burst at the touch of a button.
She paid no attention to these cynicism.
She only knew that Jiang Ning wanted to do one thing on her own, and wanted Lin to go north and enter the northern market.
No matter how difficult the road ahead, no matter how much trouble she will encounter, she must do it!
Even if the person blocking the road in front is Long Ling’er.
That legendary business goddess, the woman who didn’t put Linglong Group in his eyes, and would rather use Linglong Group to exchange for Jiangning.
That, the woman who wants to take her man away.
Lin Yu can really lose to anyone, but he can’t lose to Long Ling’er.
This is war!
It was her war with Long Ling’er!
The war between two women!
A war that can only be won, not lost.
Lin Yuzhen returned to the Lin family and devoted himself to this war, while Jiang Ning returned to his hometown with eighteen ashes.
He wants to personally speak to eighteen’s parents.
“I am sorry.”
Jiang Ning took Brother Dog and the others to escort the ashes of Eighteen to his hometown.
But Lin Yuzhen kept going, and immediately started the Lin Group’s plan to go north.
She knew that Long Ling’er would attack the Lin Group, she was not afraid, not only was she not afraid, but she also had to face difficulties, to break through the layers of Linglong Group’s encirclement and suppression, and break through to the north!
Because this is what Jiang Ning wants her to do.
The Lin Group’s counterattack shocked those who watched the excitement even more.
No one thought that Lin would even dare to resist.
If you change to other people, I am afraid that at this time, you should bow your head and admit your mistakes, obediently admit defeat, go to Long Ling’er, ask Ling Long Group, and give them a way to survive.
This Lin Yu was really good, and even openly let out a word to fight against the Linglong Group.
It seems a little funny.
An ant said that he wanted to wrestle with an elephant. This is beyond his capacity!
There are more and more rumors outside, and they are all ridicules, saying that the Lin Group is not self-reliant, saying that Lin Yu really does not know the sky and the earth, thinking that others praise her, saying that she is the business goddess of the South, so I really dare to follow the dragon. Linger is on par.
No matter how bad the words were outside, Lin Yu really seemed to have heard nothing.
There is only one thing in her heart, to accomplish what Jiang Ning wants to do by herself!
No matter how difficult, no matter how many obstacles there are!
At the same time, Long Ling’er, who received the news, didn’t seem to be surprised at all.
If Lin Yuzhen directly bowed his head and gave in, it would disappoint her.
“Is this your answer?”
Long Linger looked at Donghai’s direction, “Then let me see, what qualifications do you have to stay by his side!”
She gave the order, and the entire Linglong Group immediately started to operate at high speed, not only in the industry layout that the Lin Group is best at, but also in all walks of life, preparing to block the Lin Group in all aspects!
Two companies, one is Optimus Giant, a behemoth that people can only look up to, and the other is a rising star, but still weak and small. These two companies will actually target each other.
It’s incredible.
They not only laughed at Lin’s overpowering ability, but also felt that the Linglong Group was making a fuss, and it was all about using cannons to beat mosquitoes.
Too much worthy of the Lin Group.
In the same way, no matter what was said outside, Long Linger also ignored her, insisting on her decision, using the energy of the entire Linglong Group to block the Lin Group!
Stop their plan to go north!

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