Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 657

With a wave of his hand, dozens of people were about to rush up with their clubs.
Liu Yang and the others suddenly became nervous. He hurriedly stood in front of Jiang Ning, absolutely not allowing his son’s friends to be injured or even killed because of their family affairs!
But Jiang Ning didn’t worry at all, he didn’t even move.
He said, let that Zhuang Fen come over to apologize within half an hour. It seems that what he said is useless.
“Beat me their legs in three pieces!”
Jiang Ning suddenly spoke, as if the ban had been lifted.
Brother Gou couldn’t help it anymore.
Several angry wolves moved!
They were furious, and the death of Shiba made them suffocated. Didn’t expect to send Shiba home, and see his parents being bullied?
Who can bear it!
Fists of violent madness!
One punch, one fly!
Scream, pierce the sky!
Brother Gou punched and broke a bastard’s leg abruptly, without any kind of politeness.
The leg bones were abruptly broken, and the kind of pain caused the bastard to twitch and his face was full of horror and pain!
Within half a minute, dozens of people all fell to the ground!
Liu Yang and others were dumbfounded.
He didn’t know that his son’s friend was so amazing?
In less than half a minute, dozens of people were beaten to the ground?
Is his son so good?
“You…you guys!”
The big man with the scar, his face changed drastically, he suddenly reacted, why the few people who had broken their legs before said that these people in Liu Hui’s family were terrifying.
Is this a fucking human?
His legs shook, and his throat was dry, there was no way to speak!
Dozens of people, at this moment, all fell to the ground, wailing in pain, everyone’s legs were all broken!
He didn’t dare to say a word of cruel words any more, he threw a plop, and knelt down, his face turned pale in the first sentence, and heavy sweat rolled from his forehead.
In the underground circle, for so many years, he can’t tell where he can’t tell, Brother Gou and the others are really ruthless!
If it hadn’t been for them to control the intensity of the attack, dozens of people at this moment would have died fucking long ago!
“I… I was wrong…”
The scared man, his voice trembled, “You… you forgive me, forgive me!”
Brother Gou stepped forward and slapped his face with blood. “You think it’s useful to apologize? If we weren’t here today, would you kneel down!”
The same people in the underground circle, Brother Gou, they know more than the innocent people in front of them.
If they were not here today, then Liu Yang and their home would definitely not be able to keep them.
Scar these people will cut first and then play, forcing them to agree, and even when the time comes, they will have the final say, even if they don’t pay, what can Liu Yang and the others do?
They say that they should not answer every day, and the ground is not working!
The more Brother Gou thought about it, the more angry he became, and he wished to break the scarred man’s neck.
He was not at all polite, clutching Scar’s collar, and slapped his face several times, making his face almost deformed!
“They are the parents of eighteen, they are my Agou’s parents! You dare to bully them, this is more serious than bullying me!”
Brother Dog gave a fierce kick and kicked Scar’s chest with a click, and the man’s breastbone broke instantly!
The big scared man screamed and curled up on the ground. Brother Dog was still unsure of his breath, and his huge fist was suddenly raised. This punch was enough to smash his head!
Jiang Ning stopped calling him.
Brother Dog fisted on Scar’s face, making him tremble. For the first time, he felt that death was such a terrifying thing.
“It seems that my face is to please your boss.”
Jiang Ning said, “In that case, tell me the address and I will come personally.”

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