Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 661

“You are here, it will make these villagers uneasy, get out of me.”
Jiang Ning said, those people immediately dispersed, where there was a trace of violation.
Liu Yang and the others were all dumbfounded.
Jiang Ning…too powerful!
Inside the house, the eighteenth mother came out and heard the movement. She thought something was wrong and worried that her son would suffer and be injured.
Jiang Ning greeted him immediately.
“Mom, be careful.”
“Xiaohui, are you okay? I seem to hear a lot of people coming, they… they won’t bully you, right?”
“No one dares to bully me,”
Jiang Ning said, “No one dares to bully you, bully everyone here.”
“From today on, everyone can live here with peace of mind. As long as you don’t want to move, no one can force you. Who dares to trouble you for no reason, you find me!”
The neighbors standing there applauded one by one!
The crowd dispersed.
Jiang Ning called Huang Yuming and Lao Zhang each and asked them to thoroughly check the entire East China Sea.
Regardless of whether it is the above-ground circle or the underground circle, he does not allow any rotten things!
Dare to carry yourself and do things that hurt the world, this is strictly forbidden by Jiangning!
There are still people who dare to behave outside under the banner of the East China Sea!
Jiang Ning Lei Ting was furious, and Huang Yuming and Lao Zhang both felt his anger. They didn’t dare to hesitate and immediately launched a thorough investigation.
For a while, a storm was set off across the East China Sea, and anyone who hid dirt and contained dirt, and wherever rot breeds, was swept away!
Their thunderous methods would not have the slightest politeness. This is not only something that Jiang Ning does not allow, but it is also something that the entire East China Sea people do not allow.
Whether in the city of Donghai, or other counties and villages.
Jiang Ning didn’t care about this. He knew that Lao Huang and Lao Zhang would handle things well.
They accompanied Liu Yang and his wife for a good meal, which made the old family happy.
After the meal, Jiang Ning accompanied his eighteen mothers to bask in the sun in the yard. They had to leave and couldn’t stay here all the time. At least during this time, making the elderly happy is the most important thing.
“When you have time, go home more often. Your father doesn’t say anything, but he always cares about you in his heart, you know.”
Eighteenth mother, patted Jiang Ning’s hand.
“Well, I’ll be back when I have time.”
Jiang Ning promised earnestly, “Next time I come back, I will bring my daughter-in-law.”
The eighteenth mother was immediately very happy, and even a little impatient: “I’m waiting! I’m waiting!”
When Jiang Ning and others left, Liu Yang sent them to the entrance of the village, with gratitude on his face besides grief.
Jiang Ning put out a large sum of money and set up an 18th fund in the name of 18th. It was used exclusively for those children in the village to go to school, so that those with poor family conditions could have the opportunity to go to school and change their fate!
For a while, everyone in the village thanked his son!
It is said that he taught a good son!
They all said that they were born eighteen, and he was a good person. All the children in the family should be proud of him and set his example!
“I…I don’t know what to say, I know, Xiaohui must be very proud to know you.”
Liu Yang red eyes, “I believe him, he must have never done anything bad, he… is a respectable person, my son must be!”
His son, like Jiang Ning and the others said, must be a hero!
He is a great hero who is respected and admired!
“Well, he is, I promise.”
Jiang Ning nodded and said very seriously.

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