Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 662

Leaving from Shiba’s home, Jiang Ning and others returned to the East China Sea.
Along the way, a few people did not speak, and sent the eighteen home, but in everyone’s hearts, they did not feel much better.
They knew that Jiang Ning had done his best and had done a lot of things, and that she would be very happy if she knew what she had done.
“Big brother, thank you.”
When everyone arrived in the East China Sea, Brother Gou solemnly said thank you to Jiang Ning, and then their eyes became more determined, returning to the suburban training ground to continue training.
They become more aware of the responsibilities on their shoulders and know how important it is for them to protect this city.
To protect this city and the people here, they need to become stronger!
But Jiang Ning called Huang Yuming to Lao Zhang for the first time.
Standing in front of Jiang Ning, looking at Jiang Ning’s serious expression, both of them knew that Jiang Ning was really angry this time.
Someone unexpectedly used the flag of the East China Sea to behave outside!
“The East China Sea is a forbidden place to protect the people here from harm,”
Jiang Ning looked at the two people, “I can guarantee that people from the outside can’t get in, and there is no chance to come in and hurt the people here, but if the inside is rotten, then the responsibility lies with the two of you.”
He didn’t want a hint of tact, pointing at Huang Yuming and his voice was a little cold.
Huang Yuming and Lao Zhang represent the underground circles and the above-ground circles. If there is a problem in these two places, then they are most responsible!
“I promise, there won’t be such a thing again!”
Huang Yuming clenched his fists and said firmly.
Jiang Ning looked at the two people.
“If there is a problem, I will not find anyone, I will find you two!”
“Those people at the bottom who trust you and respect you will find you two!”
“The children who worship you and regard you as your guardian deity are looking for you!”
Jiang Ning’s words, like a lightning strike, made Huang Yuming and Huang Yuming feel that the weight on their shoulders suddenly became heavier.
The more they invent white, what the responsibility on their shoulders actually means.
“Brother don’t worry!”
Huang Yuming said, “As long as I have a breath, this kind of thing will never happen again. If it happens again, I will apologize with death!”
“me too!”
The two looked at each other. They couldn’t live up to Jiang Ning’s trust. Without Jiang Ning, there was almost no suspense about what they were like now and what the future would look like.
They too, can’t let down those who trust them, those children who adore them!
“I believe in you.”
Jiang Ning didn’t want to say more, and nodded. He knew that Huang Yuming and Huang Yuming were smart people, and they would understand.
Huang Yuming and two of them left and immediately deployed to carry out an inventory of the entire area of ​​the East China Sea. No decay is allowed to breed, even if it is a trend, it is not allowed!
As soon as the two of them left, butler Zhao came.
With a serious expression on his face, he handed the information bag in his hand to Jiang Ning.
“That’s all,”
He said seriously, “About Hongyun, I only know this at the moment.”
Jiang Ning opened the information bag, and there was only a simple piece of paper with a few words on it, almost without clues.
“It is still unknown whether Hongyun is a person, an organization, or just a mark, but the more mysterious it is, the more dangerous it is.”
Mr. Zhao relies entirely on his many years of experience, “In my impression, Master Fu once said that there are red clouds in the north, and the entire sky will be red!”

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