Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 664

Whether it is Steward Zhao or Huang Yuming, these people who have been in the underground circle for many years do not know whether they will have a good end in their future.
In their eyes, the fate of Master Fu and Can Jian was equal to their own destiny.
But since I met Jiang Ning, everything has changed.
They can gain dignity and even change their own destiny. The feeling of being recognized, respected, and worshipped by others is addictive.
Even if it is to sacrifice his life, he is willing to persevere.
It’s not just them, but Gou and others have a deeper experience now!
They seemed to be walking in the dark for many years without a sense of direction, but suddenly, Jiang Ning came, and he was a beam of light, allowing everyone to find their own direction.
Just like faith.
Jiang Ning didn’t think so much. He didn’t know that in their hearts, he was so great and what he did was just what he wanted to do.
After running around for a day, Jiang Ning didn’t feel tired, so he went to the Lin Group.
Lin Yuzhen was too busy to take care of him.
In addition to saying hello, he hugged Jiang Ning for only a few seconds, and said, “I miss you.”
Afterwards, he went to work again.
The Lin Group is now facing a huge challenge!
The Northern Linglong Group has almost completely encircled and suppressed the Lin Group’s plan to go northward. It is coming violently. In the business circle, a huge storm has already been set off.
Everyone thought that the Lin Group would be vulnerable and would be defeated by the Linglong Group in just a few days.
What surprised them was that the Lin Group had withstood two or three attacks in succession!
Not only that, under the leadership of Lin Yuzhen, the Lin Group demonstrated extremely tenacious fighting spirit. The people of the entire group company are united and united, as if they are instantly condensed into a whole, pushing Lin together.
This is shocking and even more admirable!
In Lin Yuzhen’s words, the appearance of a powerful enemy can truly transform himself and the Lin Group.
Looking at this, half a year ago, the girl who was still slightly immature and weak, is now growing, getting stronger and better, maintaining her infatuation, maintaining her kindness and innocence, Jiang Ning is true very happy.
He didn’t bother Lin Yuzhen, because he knew that Lin Yuzhen at this time needed to devote himself to his field.
After sitting in the office for five hours, Jiang Ning didn’t even go to the secretary Xiao Zhao to find snacks. He didn’t want to disturb anyone.
Looking at the clock hanging on the wall, it was almost ten o’clock, Lin Yu really let out a long breath.
Busy working.
The day’s work is finally over.
She looked up and saw Jiang Ning still sitting there, her expression apologetic.
“Are you hungry?”
“Not hungry.”
Lin Yu was really moved for a while, Jiang Ning continued, “I have eaten it.”
She was dumbfounded, then burst out laughing.
If Jiang Ning waited for herself stupidly, then she would feel more distressed.
On the table, there was the dinner that Jiang Ning had brought from Jinyu restaurant, but Lin Yu was so busy that he didn’t even have time to take a bite.
At this moment, it’s already cold.
“Go home and let Mom cook a bowl of noodles for you.”
Jiang Ning got up and helped Lin Yuzhen put on his coat, “It’s windy at night, don’t catch a cold, let’s go.”
He took Lin Yuzhen’s hand and walked out of the office. The office lobby outside was still brightly lit, and many people were still busy, and they didn’t seem to be tired at all.
Jiang Ning didn’t call them or bother them. He knew that he couldn’t persuade them now. Everyone knew when to work hard and when to rest.
Jiang Ning has always believed in them.
He took Lin Yuzhen’s hand, passed through softly, and entered the elevator. Lin Yuzhen lightly leaned on Jiang Ning’s shoulder.
“Not tired.”
Lin Yuzhen said, “I just want to rely on you.”
Jiang Ning smiled and said nothing, stretched out his hand to embrace Lin Yuzhen’s shoulders, making her lean closer.
After returning home, Su Mei received the call early, cooked the noodles, and said something distressingly about Lin Yuzhen, so that she would not be too tired, even if Su Mei knew that Lin Yuzhen could not listen now.
After eating the noodles, Lin Yu really went back to the room and continued to turn on the computer, considering the company’s affairs.
When Jiang Ning came out of the shower, she was already asleep on the table.
“Silly girl.”
He picked Lin Yuzhen up, gently put it on the bed, covered her with a quilt, and kissed her lightly on her forehead, “You are good enough, wife.”
“Don’t be afraid, I will never leave you in my life, no matter what happens.”
He grasped Lin Yuzhen’s hand, his face was gentle, “I promise.”

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