Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 670

As soon as the voice fell, everyone raised their heads, their faces full of shock and surprise. I don’t know why Tan Xing said such words.
“He is not an enemy, understand.”
When he finished speaking, he waved his hand and said no more, chuckled and entered the room.
Even if he doesn’t like Jiang Ning anymore, Tan Xing has to admit that this kid’s vision, heart, and strength are not something ordinary people can have.
It’s a pity that I can’t beat him.
Otherwise, it would be a pity and a pity to teach him a lesson as an elder by pointing to his nose.
Now not only was he scolded by pointing his nose, but also doing things for him, which was really interesting.

Leaving from Beishan.
Jiang Ning returned to the East China Sea, and didn’t spend much time coming and going.
The investigation of the two people with Hongyun tattoos was left to Tan Xing, and Jiang Ning didn’t think so much.
He knew this kind of old stubbornness, and after he really listened to it, he definitely paid more attention to this matter than anyone else.
The people of the arena are quaint, sometimes very pedantic, but no one knows the instincts and responsibilities of the people of the arena better than them.
As soon as Jiang Ning arrived at the Lin Group, he heard that something went wrong.
“I didn’t expect these clowns to come out at this time,”
Lin Yuzhen said angrily, “We, Lin, don’t seem to have any grudges with them? This is deliberately aimed at us.”
“I’m afraid, it’s because our opponent is the Linglong Group.”
A high-level channel said, “In the north, the Linglong Group has a very high status, and the relationship behind it is even more complicated. The related interest network is huge. No matter who it is, they hope to make friends with the Linglong Group and give the Linglong Group face. Dealing with the Lin Group now has become their best method.”
indeed so.
Even if there are many people and many forces, the Linglong Group simply doesn’t care about it, but there will still be people who take the initiative and want to sell the face, even if they can’t get anything, they are willing to do it.
After all, Linglong Group is too powerful!
Not to mention, behind the Linglong Group is a large family of giants in the north. The real giant family, stomping, can make the north tremble with a terrible existence.
But Lin, in comparison, is an object they can easily squeeze. Who wants to miss this opportunity?
“What’s the situation now.”
Jiang Ning walked directly into the office, pulled a chair and sat down.
Everyone with dignified faces saw Jiang Ning as if they were a stone in their heart, and they fell to the ground in an instant, and a strong sense of relief came up in their hearts.
“Our goods were detained, and the staff who went to communicate with the sales channels were also detained.”
Lin Yuzhen said, “The other party said that as long as Lin announced that he would withdraw from the northern market and never enter the northern market, they would release people and deliver goods, otherwise…”
Jiang Ning narrowed his eyes and raised the corners of his mouth.
“Okay, I see, I’ll take care of this.”
He looked at Lin Yuzhen with a smile on his face, “You continue your plan and don’t be affected. With me, no one can influence you.”
Lin Yuzhen only needs to do his own thing seriously, and Jiang Ning will solve other troubles.
Lin is definitely going north, and will definitely encounter a lot of troubles. Lin Yu is really responsible for the troubles on the commercial level, and she doesn’t need to worry about other things.
Jiang Ning got up and looked around: “Get busy. The day Lin successfully enters the northern market, I will give you a bonus.”
“Brother Ning, what’s the bonus?”
Secretary Xiao Zhao couldn’t help but ask.
Jiang Ning smiled: “Enough for you to become a rich little woman with endless snacks. Isn’t that too much?”
“Forget it!”
The atmosphere in the meeting room suddenly relaxed. Everyone laughed, cleared up his mood, and continued to be busy.
Jiang Ning only needed a few words to make everyone feel at ease. Lin had him, just like a dinghai sacred needle, no matter what kind of trouble he encountered, there was no need to worry.
Lin Yuzhen looked at Jiang Ning with bright eyes, she didn’t plan to say thank you.
She didn’t want to say that to her man.
“The northern market is different from the southern market. Our previous product is not suitable. To successfully take root in the northern market, we need a product that can hit consumers in the northern market. Do you know what I mean? ?”
Jiangning Road.

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