Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 672

“The rules? You are wrong, your southern rules don’t work in the north,”
Xu Yi smiled and spit out smoke, “What’s more, what are the rules in Beishi today? Why don’t I know.”
“Boy, the Lin family is really overwhelmed. He actually went against the Linglong Group publicly. Do you know what the Linglong Group is?”
Xu Yi stood up, walked in front of Li Dong, stretched out his hand to pat his face, and said with disdain, “That’s a giant in the north! You know how many people are looking for opportunities to cheat them and want to make friends with them. Want to please them?”
“You Lin, this is here.”
Xu Yi was a little proud. He knew for the first time that Lin was going to ship a batch of goods to the north by relying on his own network. He wanted to try the market here.
If he missed such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he would be sorry that he had operated the network for so many years.
“A large group company like Linglong Group, even if it is a little favor, is enough for me to live and nourish. You Lin, you really send me warmth.”
Xu Yi squinted his eyes, deliberately sprayed smoke onto Li Dong’s face, and laughed.
He also knows that the founder of the Linglong Group, the northern business goddess named Long Linger, is behind the top rich family in the north, the Long Family!
That’s the big power that stomped the foot to make the north tremble!
In front of the Long Family, Xu Yi couldn’t even count as an ant, but if they could sell the Linglong Group a little bit of face, even if they didn’t bother at all, for Xu Yi, it would be a matter of making money without losing money.
“Want us to give up the northern market?”
Li Dong did not back down, “I tell you, my Donghai company, Donghai people, never take a step back!”
Xu Yi stared at Li Dong, was silent for a moment, then burst out laughing, as if looking at a fool.
People from Donghae?
What a great Donghae!
What a great Lin!
I really thought I was making some noise, so I dared to wrestle with the giant Linglong Group in the north?
I don’t know the sky is high and the earth is thick Overestimate!
If they know that behind the Linglong Group is the top wealthy dragon family in the north, they don’t know if they will be scared to pee their pants.
“Boy, I actually admire you,”
Xu Yi patted Li Dong on the shoulder, “Do you know how frightened the person I arrested last time was?”
“He knelt on the ground and begged me, begged me to let him go, and called me a big brother, you are not bad, even now he is still stiff, don’t bow his head.”
“Huh, I only have one big brother!”
Li Dong was not afraid, “Do you want me to call your eldest brother? You are not worthy!”
“My eldest brother will come to rescue me. I advise you not to mistake yourself and release Lin’s goods earlier, otherwise…ah!”
He didn’t finish his words, Xu Yi slapped Li Dong’s face when he raised his hand.
“Something shameless to face!”
He rubbed his palms too hard, and his palms hurt.
Xu Yi looked at the blood spilling from the corners of Li Dong’s mouth and sneered, “Hit me, I don’t believe it, his mouth is harder than bone!”
After speaking, he ignored it.
When Lin’s people came to lead the people, he obediently announced that he would give up the northern market. I don’t know how Linglong Group would thank him for this credit.
He doesn’t expect that a goddess like Long Ling’er can praise himself, even if it is only Linglong Group, he can get a huge benefit by just saying a word from a person in charge.
He sat back on the sofa, picked up the fruit on the table casually, and stuffed his mouth: “Is there anyone from Lin?”
“Not found yet.”
Humane under his hands.
“Not in a hurry,”
He glanced at Li Dong who was being beaten not far away, and said loudly, “Have you not eaten? It won’t be possible to fight hard, let the people of Lin know what the northern market is like!” ”
The screams suddenly became louder.

Jiang Ning and the others got off the plane and went directly to the Tianbei urban area.
“Brother, there is news from Lao Zhao that the detainee of the Lin family and the goods is called Xu Yi, the owner of Black Wind Co., Ltd.,”
Brother Gou just received information from the manager Zhao, “This name doesn’t sound like a good person.”

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