Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 676

Jiang Ning gave an order, and the people of Brother Gou moved immediately!
They pressed Xu Yi to the ground, making him immobile!
“Stop! Stop!”
Xu Yi was shocked and screamed, “Do you know who I am? This day in Beishi, do you know how many friends I have?”
“I know the big family in the north!”
“If you dare to move me, Lin don’t even want to enter the northern market!”
He yelled, struggling, but being pressed by the old five, he couldn’t get rid of it at all.
Jiang Ning ignored him.
He looked at Li Dong and said lightly: “There are three wounds on the face.”
As soon as the voice fell, Brother Gou immediately started!
After three slaps, Xu Yi’s mouth was full of blood, and three bloody scars were immediately shocking!
Xu Yi screamed, shaking all over.
“stop it!”
He yelled, panic to the extreme.
Is Jiang Ning a lunatic?
He was just hitting an ordinary employee of the Lin family. As far as he was doing such a cruel hand on himself, didn’t he know that if he offended himself, Lin’s goods would not come in on this day in Beishi.
“On the neck, three places.”
Jiang Ning didn’t pay any attention at all, and carefully checked the wounds on Li Dong’s body.
He said, Brother Gou immediately took action and returned to Xu Yi doubly.
Suddenly, the entire teahouse, only Xu Yi’s screams, heart-piercing!
All of his subordinates were trembling with fright, their pores were all opened, holding their breath, the atmosphere did not dare to gasp, in addition to fear, they were still fear.
“Heart, eight wounds.”
Every time Jiang Ning said something, Brother Gou would do it once, but for a moment, Xu Yi’s body was scarred, panting hurriedly, and his face was covered with sweat.
He looked at Jiang Ning in horror, even the strength to speak was almost gone.
“Please… please… let me go, let me go.”
“I was wrong, I shouldn’t provoke Lin, I know I was wrong!”
“Forgive me, please forgive me!”
Xu Yi cried and cried, but Jiang Ning ignored it at all, let alone Gou and others.
Hearing Jiang Ning’s words, his fist broke Xu Yi’s bone.
There was another crisp sound, Xu Yi screamed, his body twitched suddenly, and he fainted and fell to the ground motionless.
Jiang Ning glanced, then turned to look at the few people who had just escorted Li Dong.
Come to think of it, most of the scars on Li Dong’s body were caused by them.
“Change someone.”
Jiang Ning’s words made those few people feel like falling into the abyss!
Almost instantly, the soul flew away!
For a full hour, apart from the screams, there were no other sounds in the whole teahouse.
People passing by, seem to have seen a ghost, with their hairs erected, and they dare not come close to death.
That screaming scream, like a horrible ghost, is too terrible!
It is beginning to spread outside, that teahouse is haunted!
Even the owner of the teahouse was so scared that his legs trembled, his mouth trembling, he wanted to ask but he didn’t dare to ask, and he dared to say what he wanted to say.
He had never seen such a terrible scene before.
He hesitated, if he wanted to ask, when the dog suddenly appeared in front of him, he was so scared that his throat was dry.
“My elder brother bought this teahouse.”
Brother Dog said coldly, “He said he likes it here.”
After finishing speaking, I asked for the boss’s account directly and transferred 10 million to him on the spot. The boss was stupid.
Why is his teahouse worth so much money…
Such wealth and wealth is even more terrifying. The boss didn’t dare to ask more. After taking the money, he hurriedly left this place of right and wrong.
Xu Yi and others were all lying on the ground, and none of them could still stand.
They feel that they are in hell, and Jiang Ning who sits there is Hell!
No, he is more terrifying than Hades!
“I, I… wrong, I know it’s wrong.”
Xu Yi raised his head and knelt in front of Jiang Ning. The broken bone in his chest made him hurt even when he spoke and gasped. He wanted to faint directly, but the pain made him sober.
He really didn’t know that there was someone as terrifying as Jiang Ning in the Lin family.
He seemed to suddenly understand why the Lin clan was able to develop so quickly, and he even understood that the Linglong Group, such a behemoth, would even regard a Lin clan who had just risen a short time ago as his most important opponent.
They are not afraid of Lin, but Jiang Ning in front of them!

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