Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 678

In addition, Lin wanted to enter the northern market. This was the way he wanted to enter the market. There was no need to sneak in, let alone fear.
If the Lin family is coming, if people don’t dare to know, then it might as well announce the abandonment of the northern market.
As soon as the news came out, I didn’t know that many people were eager to move, and soon someone followed Li Dong and others, all wanting to seize this rare opportunity to attack the Lin family, in order to get the goodwill of the Linglong Group.
“Come out, clean up as much as you want.”
Jiang Ning said lightly.
He knew that Lin’s resistance would be great if he entered the north. He was not afraid of the garbage that jumped out, and he hated those who hid in the dark and stabbed a knife in the back.
But no matter who it is, don’t try to stop Lin’s pace.
Now, Jiang Ning hopes that as Lin’s entry into the northern market will threaten the interests of more and more families with surnames, they will no longer be able to sit still and jump out completely.
At that time, it was the best time for him to start!
Perhaps the one hiding behind the scenes will also show his feet.
The important pass of Tianbei City is now boiling, and Donghai City is also in constant disturbances.
In just two days, a lot of people tried to sneak into Donghai City and attacked the people of the Lin Group, even Lin Yuzhen!
Another person was slapped down from upstairs. The second child stood in front of Lin’s door, staring like a torch, and glanced coldly.
If he dares to come, he dares to pack one!
The entire Lin family is under strict protection. Huang Yuming has mobilized a total of five hundred people to strictly protect every employee of the Lin family to ensure that no one will be involved.
Ensure that the daily work of the Lin Group will not be affected in any way.
And Lin Yuzhen has stayed at home unless necessary.
Outside the villa area, layers of protection, it is difficult for ordinary people to even get close.
The night was gradually sinking.
Lin Yuzhen stretched his waist and rubbed his tired shoulders. He just finished the video conference and decided on new product ideas for entering the northern market, and he can immediately start the northbound plan.
at the same time.
Outside the villa area, a figure flashed by quickly.
The security guards didn’t notice anything.
Like a phantom, that figure headed directly towards the Lin family’s villa.
“Lin Yu is really fate, it’s mine!”
Looking at this body technique, I am afraid that he is a master close to the master level, and may even have reached the master level, sneaking skills, very good.
But for a moment, he infiltrated the Lin Family’s villa, a trace of disdain flashed in his eyes, and immediately, like a puff of blue smoke, he rushed in!
Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and that figure, like a cannonball, flew out, hit the ground heavily, his eyes widened, and before he could speak in a hurry, he fainted completely.
“A shameful thing!”
Ye Shan stood at the door with his hands behind his back. His temper was still hot, and he couldn’t help but cursed, “Is Wu Xiu doing this kind of harm to the world?”
In less than two days, there were a few masters from the rivers and lakes, and Ye Shan had even heard of one of them.
After thinking that he was a decent person, even if he thought of assassinating Lin Yuzhen for fame and fortune, he wanted to take Lin Yu’s life to exchange money and status. Ye Shan was so angry that he broke his five ribs with a punch!
“Throw it out.”
Ye Shan snorted, turned and returned to the house, and the figure was quickly dragged away.
He entered the house and snorted, feeling more and more disappointed in the current atmosphere of social circles in his heart.
“Dad, what kind of person.”
Ye Qingwu was sitting in the living room, looking at the TV, then turned to ask.
“People? That’s rubbish!”
Ye Shan hummed, waving his hand and didn’t want to mention it at all, “This kind of garbage, come here, and I will throw some out!”

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