Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 680

However, those people came, as if they had fallen into a whirlpool, and soon disappeared, as if they had never been.
Sitting in the teahouse, Li Dong’s wounds have condensed and blood scabs have formed, making him look more mature and determined.
“Lin, must step into the northern market, no one can stop us!”
Sitting in front of him was a guest who had just arrived. He said he wanted to cooperate, but at the moment he was revealing his true purpose.
“Hehe, the Lin family is really arrogant. Whether you can enter the northern market or not, it’s not that you have the final say. When you get to the northern city gate, you have to ask us.”
The person sitting opposite said coldly, “You can reconsider the conditions I just put forward.”
“I missed this village, but this shop is gone!”
Li Dong shook his head: “I will pay you back this sentence too!”
As soon as the voice fell, several figures flashed out, as fast as lightning!
There was a muffled noise, and there was no one in front of Li Dong again.
“Brother Dog, you have worked hard.”
He is now a bait, catching all those who want to think of Lin’s badly.
These people are greedy, these people are cruel, and these people are even more uncompromising. They not only want to please the Linglong Group, but also want to take this opportunity to blackmail Lin’s body!
These people are all damned!
In one day, eight forces came and all disappeared from this world.
Two days later, another twelve forces disappeared from the world!
For a while, the people in Tianbei City also felt something was wrong.
So many people went to trouble Lin, but Li Dong was still in the teahouse, like a statue, sitting there calmly.
There are a few people who are eager to move. At this moment, they still dare not do anything. They have sent people to spy on intelligence, but they have never come back.
“What the hell is going on? People?”
“Why there is no news, that Lin’s person, what the hell is it!”
“A lot of people have been lost, Xu Yi, and Zhang Dui, they are all gone!”
The faces of the few people sitting in a leisure hall were extremely solemn.
They all wanted to do it, but it was a bit slow to learn about the news, and they had been posted first in the next two years, but where could they have thought, all those people are now gone.
They thought there was a chance and sent someone out to test, but so far, there has been no response.
Like mud into the sea, there is no news to come back.
Suddenly, the door was kicked open, and under the light, several figures were stretched out, stabbing them so that they couldn’t open their eyes.
Someone yelled, “Do you know what this place is! Dare to break in here and die!”
“It’s you who are looking for death.”
Jiang Ning slowly stepped forward.
In two days, those who dared to come to the door to look for it, have already come to the door, and they have also taken care of it.
What is left is guilty, but not guilty for the time being, this kind of person can’t stay.
Seeing Jiang Ning’s face, the faces of several people changed slightly: “Who are you!”
Jiang Ning said directly, “Lin’s people.”
Hearing these two words, a few people immediately stood up with serious expressions. They didn’t bother with Lin, but did Lin’s people take the initiative to come to the door?
Too arrogant!
Don’t you really put all the forces in Tianbei City in your eyes?
“Kill them!”
With an order, dozens of people rushed out, all eyes fixed on Jiang Ning.
But behind Jiang Ning, a few figures were faster than them!
Like a pack of wolves, fierce and cruel!

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