Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 682

Tianbei City, this important pass, is completely chaotic at this moment.
Li Dong is still sitting in the teahouse, but no one dares to trouble him anymore, even if he knows that he is Lin’s person, his purpose is to completely open up Lin’s northward channel.
In just a few days, Li Dong’s name has become the two most awe-inspiring words in Tianbei City!
He represents the Lin family, and what he represents is the strength of the Lin family!
“Fifth, stay with you,”
The water in Tianbei City has been mixed up, Jiangning doesn’t need to stay here anymore, “Li Dong, remember, you are from the Lin family.”
Li Dong nodded earnestly, “Brother Ning, don’t worry, I will definitely get through Lin’s channel to the north!”
He doesn’t ask Jiang Ning’s arrangements, let alone what Jiang Ning wants to do, he knows what he wants to do.
Even if you die, you must complete your mission!
Jiang Ning helped him take this first pass, Tianbei City, and he needed to walk on his own for the road behind.
Jiang Ning left the old five people behind, and then left with Brother Dog.
Until they left, no one knew whether the people who caused the earthquake in the underground circle of Tianbei City were from the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea.
at the same time.
A third-tier city in a remote mountainous area.
The dilapidated house, I don’t know how long no one has been here.
The ruined walls look extremely desolate.
Under the dim light, nothing can be seen clearly.
A figure walked slowly, appearing very cautious, accidentally stepping on a broken tile under his feet, the whole person suddenly became nervous.
He quickly reduced his figure and hid in the darkness. After a while, he stuck his head out and looked around carefully, not daring to be careless!
“no one?”
In those eyes, there was some surprise, “Tan Zu said, they may be found here, but now, they have become so desolate, there is no trace of anyone coming.”
He gradually relaxed.
This task was given to him by Tan Xing. Listening to Tan Xing’s tone, he was very serious, and he did not dare to be careless.
But now it seems that Tan Xing has been overly concerned.
He was turning around to leave, suddenly felt a breath of extreme danger, locked himself!
Without the slightest hesitation, he raised his hand just one leg and kicked hard behind him.
At almost the same moment, in the darkness, a palm hit, and the two slammed together.
But the strength of the two is worlds apart!
But with one palm, Tan’s people flew out and slammed heavily on the ground, their faces full of horror.
“You… who are you… who!”
In the darkness, a strange mask appeared in his sight.
A smile is not a smile, a cry is not a cry, in the dim light, it makes your scalp numb!
“There are people who can still find here,”
Under the weird mask, a hoarse voice came, “Twelve-way Tan legs, huh, Tan, I almost forgot, there is still such an old genre of rivers and lakes.”
Step by step, he walked towards Tan’s people.
Without any hesitation, he stepped on it and directly trampled Tan’s people to death!
Cruel and decisive!
Under the weird mask, a pair of extremely cold eyes appeared, and the murderous aura appeared, and the entire space seemed to be cold. “This secret, no one should know.”
“Only the dead can keep all secrets!”

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