Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 683

His figure disappeared in an instant, leaving only a corpse on the ground with a face full of horror.
At that time.
Beishan, Tan’s.
Tan Xing has been waiting for news for a long time.
When Jiang Ning learned that there was a descendant of Tiger and Crane, he had a premonition that something was wrong.
So he immediately sent someone he trusted to verify the guess in his heart, and agreed that he would reply to the message every hour to make sure that the person was still alive.
But now, five hours have passed without any response.
“Forget the time, he should have found there, wanted to come, and was killed.”
A trace of anger flashed in Tan Xing’s eyes, and a trace of worry and fear, “If so, it means…”
His Adam’s apple slipped and his fist was slightly squeezed: “It’s really troublesome.”
Tan Xing did not hesitate at all, and immediately called Jiang Ning. Such important matters were no longer the Tans could solve.
If those people really become crazy, let alone the quagmire, I am afraid the whole world will be subverted!
That kind of consequence is simply not something they can bear!
That’s a bunch of lunatics.
It would be okay if they were scattered, but if they were used by someone with a heart, how terrible they would become, even Tan Xing could not imagine.
Tan Xing now really understands why someone like Jiang Ning can clearly become a master and possess everything, yet he is willing to let himself go into the darkness to find the darkest things!
“Come to Tan’s as soon as possible, there are important discoveries.”
On the phone, Tan Xing only said this.
This kind of thing shouldn’t be just a guess, maybe Jiang Ning is here, and after the two people communicate, they can be completely affirmed.
Putting down the phone, Tan Xing stood in front of the Tan’s ancestral hall, and stood there for a full afternoon, watching the falling night, and he felt a very bad feeling in his heart.
It seems that something terrible is coming towards the Tan family!
“Tan Long!”
Tan Xing suddenly shouted.
A figure appeared in front of him immediately.
“Tan Zu!”
“Immediately, inform the people of the eight major branches and open up full defense!”
Tan Xing’s expression was extremely serious.
Tan Long froze for a moment, and didn’t understand what Tan Xing meant.
Full defense, why do you need full defense in this environment? Although the Tan family is no better than that of the past, but in Beishan, he is a famous family, not ordinary people dare to provoke.
Even the large families in the north dare to win in, but not to be disrespectful.
“Tan Zu, is the matter so serious?”
Tan Long had never objected to Tan Xing’s words, but he still didn’t understand this order.
Tan Xing squinted his eyes and stared at Tan Long, his tone becoming heavier.
“Life and death!”
He shouted sharply.
Tan Long’s expression changed, and he didn’t dare to ask any more. When his figure flashed, he immediately notified him.
The four words of life and death are too heavy!
Tan Xing’s expression didn’t seem to be a joke at all.
Has it come to the moment that matters to the life and death of the Tan family? What kind of enemy did Tan encounter!
For a time, the entire Tan family was boiling.
The person in charge of the eight branches was shocked when he heard this order, because it was Tan Xing who made a mistake.
After so many years, when will they start their full defense?
It is impossible for anyone to come to trouble Tan’s.
Even if they come, with the strength of the Tan family, they will definitely call him back and forth!
“Tan Long, Tan Zu really said that?”
One of the persons in charge frowned slightly, “He said, this is the life and death of the Tan family?”
They didn’t believe it, or even if they knew that Tan Xing’s order must be listened to, but now they were a little dissatisfied.
It is not only because of Tan Xing’s recent decision that Tan’s reputation has declined, but it has also caused them to lose a lot of interest, but as long as Tan Xing is alive, they will know that Tan Xing has the final say. Don’t disobey.
“Huh, this is an order!”
Tan Long shouted, without a hint of politeness, “Don’t think I don’t know what you think in your heart, I will put it here today!”
“Whoever dares to disobey Tan Zu is Tan’s sinner. I, Tan Long, will kill him personally!”
Sen Leng’s words caused several persons in charge to tremble suddenly, and they did not dare to hesitate at all.
The entire Tan family quickly moved into action. The eight major branches dispatched masters to guard the door of the Tan family. The old, weak, women and children were all arranged in the large courtyard behind the ancestral hall to prepare water, rice and food.
Stay ready!

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