Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 685

He stared at the masked man, his face more solemn than ever.
Tan Xing gave an order, and several master-level powerhouses in the Eight Branches did not dare to hesitate anymore, immediately changed their body shape and stood still.
In the face of such a powerful enemy, no one dare to be careless!
“Today, kill these thieves!”
Tan Xing burst out, “Tan’s lineage, I will do my best to kill!”
As soon as the voice fell, he took the lead to rush out, the speed to the extreme.
“call out!”
“call out!”
“call out!”
Tan Long and several others roared one by one and rushed towards the masked man.
They didn’t know who this person was, but they killed so many people from the Tan family in a blink of an eye, and even said that they were going to destroy the entire Tan family, and no one could stay out of the matter.
Tan Long let out a loud shout, with long legs like a whip, and several masters of the same master level beside him, all exploded with their strongest strength.
At this point, no one dared to have any more reservations.
But in the blink of an eye, more than a dozen people surrounded the masked man and attacked violently.
But every trick can be easily resolved.
The masked man’s eyes were full of disdain, and he raised his hand and punched it violently, as if there was a tiger roaring and dragon groaning!
With a bang, one person was directly shocked and flew out.
“Too bad.”
He snorted coldly, “You really have defeated the reputation of Twelve-Road Tanju, there is really no need to exist.”
Seeing a long leg hit, the masked man didn’t hide, he reached out his hand, grabbed his ankle fiercely, swung it up, and smashed the man to the ground fiercely!
The blood splashed and the sound of broken leg bones was crisp.
He is about to kill someone, and Tan Xing is here!
Tan Xing shouted, his body shape changed, and his long legs kicked out three legs one after another, causing a series of bursts of air, causing the masked man to immediately choose to let go of the Tan clan who accepted him, and did not dare to directly pick up Tan Xing’s legs.
This Tan family, if there is another person who can be a little threatening, I am afraid that only Tan Xing is the only one.
He stepped back two steps, the eyes under the mask were still cold and without emotion.
“You are dead, Twelve Road Tan legs, there will be no more descendants.”
In the words, except for Tan Xing, the Tan family can’t support the wall with mud, and there is no one that he can admire.
If so rampant, it makes Tan Long and the others angry, but what can they do?
They can’t even protect their own people!
They only understood why Tan Xing was disappointed as if announcing his funeral a few days ago.
If Tan continues to do this, it will really be over!
“I can die, but the Tan family will never die. As long as there are people who insist on the chivalry of the rivers and lakes, then the Tan family will not disappear!”
Tan Xing’s long beard fluttered and his eyes were determined. Standing in front of all the Tan clan members, Tan Xing said loudly, “Today, I, Tan Xing, will demonstrate to you again, Twelve Way Tan Legs, what the hell is it!”
Maybe this is the last time.
Tan Xing thought to himself.
As soon as the voice fell, he moved!
As fast as the wind, with a light touch, he swept out and killed the masked man.
“Look up!”
Tan Xing let out a loud shout, and the whole momentum became different in an instant.
Tan Long and the others all turned red.
They knew that Tan Xing was completely mortal!
The two people were entangled in an instant, and there was a terrible collision, making a huge noise.
Tan Xing did not retreat, his two legs were like a storm, strong and domineering!
I don’t know how many years, he has not been so desperately.
“Take a whip on your head!
Two-way cross ghost pull drill!
Three-way smashing the wheels!
Four-way oblique kick to support the block!
Five-way lions playing in the water!
Six-way hook and single whip!
Seven-way phoenix spreads its wings!
Eight-way turn to the golden stool upside down!
Nine Roads Capture the Dragon and Seize the Jade Belt!
Ten-way magpie climbs to the tip of the plum!
Eleven road wind swings lotus leaf legs!
Twelve-way mandarin ducks in a smart chain! ”
Tan Xing displayed all the twelve Tan legs.
He doesn’t know how many people like Tan can see or remember, but these are the last things he can do!
“The Twelve-Road Tan Legs, really well-deserved.”
The masked man stepped back two steps in succession, the indifference and disdain in his eyes remained undiminished. It seemed that he was just looking at how powerful the twelve-way Tan legs could be.
Obviously, he was disappointed.
“But today, you all have to die!”
Suddenly, the speed of the masked man suddenly increased. He slammed a punch, hitting the soles of Tan Xing’s feet, snap!

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