Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 687

Tan Long and the others were frightened. They couldn’t see Jiang Ning’s movements at all. They could only see a few afterimages flashing past, and Jiang Ning had already arrived in front of the masked man.
A punch was blasted out, and the air burst and crackled!
Even Tan Xing couldn’t help but widen his eyes.
He knew that Jiang Ning was tough, far beyond his imagination, but this punch still made him feel frightened.
The masked man didn’t dare to be careless. Just looking at Jiang Ning’s speed, he knew that the young man in front of him was absolutely extraordinary.
He also blasted a punch, like a tiger coming out of the mountain!
The two fists slammed into each other, and the expression in the eyes of the masked man suddenly changed.
He immediately backed away a few steps, but Jiang Ning didn’t stop at all, but gave another punch!
Punch after punch!
As if tireless, violent power, the pores of all the people who can see the Tan family are opened!
This is the master!
This class of martial arts is breathtaking!
The whole yard was full of loud roaring fists, and the ears smashed.
The look of the masked man became more and more ugly, and he kept backing away. He had no chance to fight back at all. He couldn’t react to just resisting Jiang Ning’s attack.
One punch after another, hit him, the face under the mask was already red, and blood was surging!
Jiang Ning punched again, hitting nine consecutive punches in one breath, one punch is more domineering than one punch, and one punch is more violent!
In an instant, he closed his fist and stood there immediately, and the wind stopped abruptly!
He stood there, looking up at the masked man, his eyes were cold: “Aren’t you looking for me all the time?”
Hearing these words, the masked man trembled.
“The King of East Sea…!”
As soon as the voice fell, the mask suddenly shattered and fell to the ground.
That face that had already been disfigured was extremely hideous, and the hoarse voice was full of shock, “It’s you! It turned out to be you!”
As he spoke, blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, and his lips trembled. Before he could even finish his words, he suddenly opened his mouth, wowfully spurting a mouthful of black blood, with a trace of debris.
“Your punch…your punch…”
He pointed to Jiang Ning, and his throat was vague. Before he finished speaking, he fell directly to the ground with a normal sound, killing him!
The air is deadly quiet!
Tan Long and others were stunned, and they couldn’t believe it.
Even if this happened in front of them, it happened just before their eyes!
The Jiang Ning in front of him was the one they wanted to seek justice and kill?
If the Tan family gathered to go to the East China Sea, I am afraid that now, there will be really no one left, right?
Thinking of this, the people of the eight major branches are cold and fearful to the extreme.
The masked man was already strong enough to almost destroy their Tan family!
But Jiang Ning shot, nine punches one after another, directly beheading the masked man, this kind of strength… is too terrifying!
At this moment, they understood why Tan Xing reminded them, never, never, never be an enemy of Jiangning!
“If you come one step late, Tan, it will be gone.”
Tan Xing stood up, his face still pale, and glanced at the hideous face of the masked man, “I know who he is.”
He was a little sad.
Looking all over the floor, those who died of Tan’s are all his Tan’s future.
After going through these, they may understand what is most important.
Jiang Ning took a look at Tan Xing, walked up to the masked man, checked, and confirmed that the red cloud tattoo on his neck was the one he had been looking for. It seemed that these people were gradually coming to the surface.
They can’t hold back either.
“You take care of it.”
Tan Xing coughed twice and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, “Jiang Ning, you come with me.”
Jiang Ning followed Tan Xing into the ancestral hall.
“He is the 24th generation descendant of Xingyi Quan, Yan Ru,”
Tan Xing sat down, breathing slowly, his face still pale, “I thought… he was dead.”
Jiang Ning’s eyes shrank. The last time Tan Xing said that the master of Xingyiquan who died a few years ago was this person?
He’s not dead?
“I didn’t expect him to die by fraud.”
Tan Xing sighed, “After you told me that day, I still don’t believe it, because the only master of Xingyiquan is him. If he is dead, who will teach a disciple?”
“So, I sent someone to see his hometown. I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it.”
After the person he sent out died, Tan Xing knew that things had become extremely complicated.
This is not just a matter for Jiangning, but also a matter for the whole arena!

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