Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 689

Jiang Ning walked out of the ancestral hall, and Tan Long and others all stood there outside.
“Why, want to keep me?”
Jiang Ning smiled.
Tan Long didn’t speak, but with a plop, they all knelt down, and respectfully knocked their heads three times.
“Thank you!”
Today, if Jiangning hadn’t arrived in time, Tan would be gone!
Not only Tan Xing will die, all of them will never have a chance to survive. Twelve-way Tan legs will no longer have descendants, and they will completely disappear from history.
At first, they wanted to trouble Jiang Ning, and wanted to kill Jiang Ning!
How ridiculous!
“Protect your Tan Zu.”
Jiang Ning can bear this worship, “When I need you in the future, stay alive and try to live.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning left directly.
The expressions on Tan Long and others’ faces were different from the past.
Only after experiencing life and death, and only after experiencing the life and death of the Tan family, will they understand how much responsibility they have on their shoulders.
Especially, old people like Tan Xing can ignore life and death. Do young people like them still behave like turtles?

Jiang Ning returned to the East China Sea.
In Lin’s villa, Ye Shan sits at the door making tea.
With him, this Lin’s villa is the safest place.
Seeing Jiang Ning’s return, Ye Shan raised his eyelids and snorted softly. Although he was very comfortable here, he was still a little dissatisfied with being called by Jiang Ning.
It’s not his son-in-law, why should his daughter listen to him so much.
Jiang Ning walked directly over, picked up the teapot, poured himself a cup, and drank it in one sip.
“Do you know the hidden door?”
Jiang Ning’s first sentence made Ye Shan’s mouth instantly swallowed again, and the expression in his eyes instantly became sharp.
“How do you know the hidden door?”
“I just came back from Beishan Tan’s,”
Jiang Ning said, “The Tan family, who was almost wiped out, was done by someone from the Hidden Gate. He is the 24th generation descendant of Xingyiquan, Yan Ru!”
Ye Shan immediately denied, “He died a long time ago!”
Immediately, his expression changed, Jiang Ning couldn’t lie, and Tan Xing of the Tan family, who was an old acquaintance with Yan Ru, would certainly not admit it.
“He scammed to death?”
Jiang Ning nodded.
Ye Shan stopped talking.
After pouring himself two cups of tea, he looked at Jiang Ning seriously.
“Who did you provoke?”
“They provoke me.”
Ye Shan stopped talking, looking at Jiang Ning blankly, not knowing what to say for a while.
After spending a few days in the East China Sea, Ye Shan understood what the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea was.
To put it bluntly, this is a paradise and a real home for the ordinary bottom.
There is no oppression, no exploitation, and there is unity. Both the above-ground and underground circles are desperately protecting ordinary people and treating them as the most important people.
In this world, how many people are willing to sacrifice for ordinary people?
I’m afraid, there is only Jiangning, and only this East China Sea!
Jiang Ning, this is an earth-shattering thing to do. He wants to change the whole world!
“You killed Yan Ru?”
Ye Shan felt that he was asking for nothing, “I am afraid that he is not the only one who can choose to enter the hidden door. He can die for so many years. What about other people? Not to mention, there are many people, like me, who have long since disappeared. In the city, no one can be found, they…”
He dare not say, what if they all choose to enter the hidden gate?
“Come on, I’ll kill one!”
Jiang Ning said calmly, “As many as there are, I will kill as many!”

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