Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 697

From beginning to end, he didn’t seem to care what Yang Ming was talking about or what he said.
When Jiang Ning came here, he was really just looking for a place to smoke a cigarette.
After all, when Lin Yuzhen was in front of him, he didn’t smoke, because although Lin Yuzhen didn’t stop him from smoking, he didn’t like Jiang Ning to smoke in front of her.
Jiang Ning left the office, but Yang Ming still couldn’t say a word. He stared at Jiang Ning’s back and disappeared from the door.
After a while, he yelled!
“Who do you think you are!”
“Should I beg you? Dream!”
“You Lin, don’t want to get any data from me!”
Yang Ming cursed, his voice echoing throughout the corridor, but Jiang Ning didn’t hear it at all.
He took the elevator downstairs, and the front desk staff was flushed. He didn’t know if he was too excited or too excited, as if he had just woke up from a dream.
Seeing Jiang Ning coming out, she hurriedly walked over and respectfully shouted, “Mr. Jiang?”
Jiang Ning nodded lightly.
“Thank you! Thank you so much!”
She couldn’t help it anymore, she was a little bit incoherent with excitement.
Just now Jiang Ning gave her a business card and made her want to change to a better job, so she made this call.
She just went to the bathroom and tried it, but she didn’t expect to say that she was given to herself by a good-looking man, and said that she could find a better job, and she immediately agreed.
She felt like she was dreaming!
When the other party asked her what she would expect and how much she expected, she was stunned. She only dared to say that she was the front desk of the company and only wanted five thousand salary.
That is already two thousand higher than it is now!
She was totally in a joking tone, she didn’t think it was true at all, she knew it, the other side seemed a little unhappy, she said something introduced by her eldest brother, the front desk is less than ten thousand, that’s a shame on her eldest brother, so I decided directly. Fifteen thousand, let her report tomorrow!
This…this is really a dream!
She only knew that she had met a noble person.
“You’re welcome, kindness is rewarded, remember.”
Jiang Ning didn’t say much, just because of a kind reminder from the front desk, he wanted to give her a little reward.
After speaking, Jiang Ning walked out of the institute.
In the car, Lin Yuzhen and others were waiting.
Seeing Jiang Ning getting in the car, Lin Yu really hurriedly asked, “How is it? Is he willing?”
After thinking about it, with Yang Ming’s attitude, he would definitely be unwilling, and he might even say a lot of ugly things.
Even if they were willing to give it, they would definitely have to pay a great price to Lin’s. It was not their style not to take advantage of this opportunity to blackmail Lin’s money.
Jiang Ning said solemnly, “The surname Yang said, he will personally organize the data, and then send it over.”
This sounds so unreal.
Not to mention Lin Yuzhen, even Gao Yali didn’t believe it.
She knows this kind of organization too well, she just takes a little bit of power, and she won’t let go if she doesn’t take advantage of something for herself.
What’s more, it is the Lin family who is demanding now, and the weakness is being grasped by others.
Moreover, behind this Yang, it is obvious that someone from Silanka is manipulating it. The situation that Jiangning’s bureau was pitted in the first time, such an international brand as Silanka, wouldn’t it be retrieved?
Gao Yali didn’t believe it.
But Jiang Ning said, Yang Ming agreed to provide Lin’s data, and will personally deliver it to the door.
Even if it is no longer possible, Gao Yali still chooses to believe it.
“If he refuses, then I can beat him!”
Gao Bin hummed.
He doesn’t like being so complicated, how simple it is to use his fists, if one punch is not enough, then two punches, two punches are not enough, hit him until he can!
“You are here again.”
Jiang Ning shook his head, “Gao Yali, teach your brother well, don’t let him be just a reckless man.”
Gao Yali glared at Gao Bin before saying, “Then what are we going to do next?”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “There is a private kitchen, I think it’s okay, let’s go, I’ll treat you.”
A car was stunned.
Gao Yali obviously asked about data, not about food.
But Jiang Ning said he wanted to eat, so they naturally had no objection.
As the car drove away, Yang Ming upstairs saw it from the window and sneered.
“Where is the neurosis, is Lin mad? Waiting for me to beg them? A bunch of idiots!”
Yang Ming hummed, “It seems that I have to tell President Jiang to teach Lin a deeper lesson!”

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