Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 7

Can’t even Mr. Li say good things?
Didn’t it mean that Mr. Li and Mr. Huang were still classmates before, and the relationship was very good.
Lin Feng was arrogant just now, but he couldn’t laugh at the moment.
If Lin Yu can only be signed, then they can only go and beg her in a low voice.
Lin Qiang’s face was pale.
He didn’t expect it to be so difficult.
What method did Lin Yuzhen use to make President Huang defend her in this way?
“This bitch!”
Lin Qiang sneered, “It seems that she has done a good job in bed, and her clothes are pure and pure, they are all fake!”
If he hadn’t served Mr. Huang well, would Mr. Huang protect her like this?
Now let him ask Lin Yuzhen, to be honest, this is simply impossible.
He couldn’t ask Lin Wen’s family for rubbish even if he asked for a dog.
“Ring Ling Ling…”
Lin Feng’s cell phone rang again.
When he looked at the number, his face was even more ugly.
“It’s Grandpa.”
Lin Feng almost cried.
What he fears most now is answering Lin Xiao’s call.
Now he is in charge of this project. If something goes wrong, he is the first person responsible.
“Take it!”
Lin Qiang said.
Lin Feng can only be connected.
The consequences of not answering Grandpa’s phone call are even more serious.
“Grandpa.” Lin Feng shouted.
“Xiaofeng, how’s Mr. Huang’s project going?”
Lin Xiao is straightforward.
What he cares most about now is this project. After all, this is too important, and the Lin family has invested too much resources in it.
“Very well, everything goes well.”
Lin Feng glanced at Lin Qiang, saw him winking, and lied quickly, “When Huang has time, he can sign the contract immediately.”
“That’s good.”
Lin Xiao said, “You can give me some attention, this project must not be missed, something went wrong, I want you to look good!”
The phone hung up.
Lin Feng’s palms were sweaty.
He knew exactly what his grandfather was so angry.
If there is a problem, it can’t be solved by dismissing oneself and hitting oneself.
“Dad, what can I do?”
Lin Feng was almost crying.
Lin Yuzhen, this bitch, threw this hot potato to himself, but he killed himself!
Lin Qiang’s face was even more ugly.
Is it true that the two of them, father and son, really want to go to Lin Wen’s family and plead in a low voice?
They were arrogant before, and didn’t put Lin Yuzhen in their eyes at all, so they pleaded, what’s the difference between being slapped twice?
He Lin Qiang can’t afford to lose this person!
“Lin Feng, you go.”
Lin Qiang thought for a long time, and said, “Go to Lin Yuzhen. It’s okay to lower your breath. Even if you ask you to kneel, you can kneel down for me, as long as Lin Yuzhen signs the contract for me!”
“Do you want me to kneel down and beg!”
Lin Qiang roared, his eyes red.
Lin Feng wants a face, and Lin Qiang wants a face even more!
It is really embarrassing to let him be an elder to beg a younger one.
Lin Feng was so fierce that he dared not say another word.
It was considered that he had caused this incident, and if it afflicted Lin Qiang’s face, he would really be beaten to death.
Lin Feng had to gritted his teeth and walked toward Lin Yuzhen’s house in a dingy manner.
And then.
Lin Yuzhen’s family is ready for dinner.
The dining table is not too big, and the four people are silent on each side.
This is Lin Yuzhen’s family, and it is the first time for one more person to eat.
Or their son-in-law.
Lin Wen never speaks at dinner, and Su Mei doesn’t know what to say.
She didn’t like Jiang Ning, and she didn’t like her daughter more. She married a worthless man.
But in the afternoon Jiang Ning stood up and stood up for herself. She was not blind and could not pretend to be blind.
And Lin Yuzhen also didn’t know what to say.
On the contrary, it was Jiang Ning, just like in his own home, without being polite.
“Mom, your craftsmanship is good, it tastes great!”
“I don’t know how long I haven’t eaten such a delicious dish!”
“Can I have another bowl?”
The dishes on the table are less meaty and more vegetarian, but Jiangning’s appearance of feasting is really greedy.
Just like this, Lin Yu was really thinking that when he was wandering outside, he might have been hungry too many times.
Before Su Mei could react, Lin Yuzhen took over Jiang Ning’s job and went to help him serve another bowl.
“thank you, wife.”
The words “wife” made Lin Yuzhen’s hand holding the rice spoon tremble.
“Boom boom boom!”
The atmosphere was a little awkward, and the door rang again.
Lin Wen looked up, then wanted to get into the back room, but Su Mei glared fiercely, and had to stay there.
Su Mei yelled.
“Auntie, it’s me, Lin Feng!”
In this voice, I heard some unwillingness and helplessness.
Su Mei immediately glanced at Lin Yu the truth, why did he come again?
Is it possible that, as Jiang Ning said, come to ask Lin Yu to be real?
The mother and daughter looked at Jiang Ning immediately, but Jiang Ning just bowed his head to eat.
Su Mei walked to the door, opened the door, and Lin Feng immediately put on a smiling face.
“Auntie, how about eating? Is the rain really there?”
Lin Feng’s expression was extremely flattering, and he didn’t even smile so flatly to his father.
He probed, saw Lin Yuzhen sitting there, and hurriedly said, “Yuzhen, I was wrong about the previous thing. I apologize to you. If you don’t remember the villain, please forgive me this time.”
The three of Lin Yuzhen were stunned.
Can Lin Feng beg for mercy in a low voice?
“The Lin Group can’t live without you. You have only left for a day. What is the mess of the company?”
Lin Feng arched his waist slightly and smirked, “Just go back. There are many projects, waiting for you to host.”
He was talking, but he was cursing in his heart.
When this project is over, it’s up to you to clean up the family!
“Where is your dad?”
Lin Yu really didn’t know how to answer, it was Jiang Ning who opened her mouth again.
While eating food, he glanced at Lin Feng, “Why didn’t he come?”
Lin Feng was angry, but still kept smiling.
“My dad is too busy, so he asked me to come over and apologize to Yuzhen. I also hope my brother-in-law can forgive me and don’t be familiar with me.”
Lin Feng was really low-pitched.
Even Jiang Ning, the door-to-door son-in-law, he apologized.
“No way.”
Unexpectedly, Jiang Ning shook his head directly, “It’s really your dad who fired Yu. If you want to apologize, he will have to come, otherwise we won’t accept it.”
Lin Feng was about to explode immediately.
You have a fucking inch!
“You…” Lin Feng had the urge to curse.
What’s wrong with this neurosis!
Lin Yuzhen and several others also looked at Jiang Ning, fearing that Jiang Ning would make things worse.
Lin Feng has come to apologize, this matter, or just let it go.
It’s not easy to offend them two fathers and sons.
“Dad, Mom, Yu is really your precious daughter. She was wronged in the past, and it’s yours.”
Jiang Ning swallowed the last bite of the meal, “She is my wife now, and if she is wronged, I have to take care of it.”
He stood up, a strong murderous intent flashed in his eyes!
“Whoever dares to bully my wife, I will have to pay the price!”
Suddenly, the terrifying murderous aura instantly cooled down the surrounding air and approached Lin Feng, pressing him into a chill.
“Jiangning, don’t go too far!”
Lin Feng couldn’t bear it.
He was even ready to kneel.
However, Jiang Ning didn’t like him to apologize at all, and kneeled in vain.
“Let your dad apologize, otherwise, you will be at your own risk.”
Jiang Ning was not polite, “Isn’t it going? Our family’s food has already been eaten, and there is no room for the dog!”

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