Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 700

Jiang Feng directly smashed the phone.
On the other side of the phone, Jiang Li’s heart almost jumped out of her chest, her face was so white and bloodless, like wax paper.
“Behind Lin’s… who is it!”
Her voice trembled a little.
Just hearing the name A Fei, she knew how terrible things were. It was the northern circle of the earth, a big demon king.
Killing without blood, notoriously brutal, cold-blooded and ruthless, not to mention that her Jiang family is a third-rate family, even a first-class family, they don’t want to provoke this lunatic.
She just wanted to blackmail the Lin family, wanting to embarrass the Lin family, stepping on the Lin family to make the Jiang family famous in the north, she almost killed the Jiang family?
Thinking of this, her body couldn’t help but tremble abruptly, a kind of despair and fear, which made her pride and self-confidence collapse instantly!
In the face of that kind of absolute strength, her heart calculated a fart!
In front of A Fei, her Jiang family didn’t even count as a fart!
Jiang Li took a deep breath. Before she recovered, someone knocked on the office door, which made her scream.
“President Jiang, Deputy Director Yang of the Institute is here, and he said that I have important things to do with you.”
“Let him in!”
Jiang Li hurriedly said, praying in her heart, this Yang Ming must not have offended the Lin family, must not.
Yang Ming walked in, his face full of spring breeze, it was obvious that his brows were full of pride.
“Mr. Jiang,”
Yang Ming walked over and said with a smile, “You are right, that Lin’s arrogance, too arrogant, according to your wishes, I refused their request, and told them directly, they want to follow me. It is absolutely impossible to get the data!”
Jiang Li felt the whole person, instantly fell into the boundless abyss.
In my ears, everyone in the Jiang family screamed, like a ghost!
She trembled all over, and her face turned pale.
“You, what did you say?”
“The Lin people actually said that I took the initiative to send them data, and they didn’t want them. I really don’t know the sky and the earth. Who do they think they are?
Yang Ming was still proud, did not notice any change in Jiang Li’s expression, and seemed to be waiting for Jiang Li’s praise.
“Give them! Give them!”
Unexpectedly, Jiang Li screamed suddenly, her voice was sharp, like a ghost, full of fear, almost piercing Yang Ming’s eardrums!
“Give them the data!”
Jiang Li yelled, where there is still the grace and noble appearance before, as if she has instantly become a ghost.
That sound made Yang Ming’s whole body tense in an instant.
“Mr. Jiang…you, what did you say?”
Yang Ming suspected that he had heard it wrong.
Jiang Li asked herself to give the data to Lin? It was not what she said before, to embarrass Lin’s, don’t let Lin easily get the data, and take the opportunity to blackmail Lin’s severely.
Why did Jiang Li change his mind after only a day?
“I asked you to give the data to Lin! Who made you embarrass them?”
Jiang Li was nervous and uneasy, especially when he heard Yang Ming’s words, the Lin family had already prepared, and asked Yang Ming to deliver him personally. Is the A Fei in the north the person they invited?
Jiang family, it’s almost done!
Jiang Li grabbed the dumbfounded Yang Ming: “Did you not hear? Give the data to Lin, all to them!”
“Whatever they want, you can give it! Don’t embarrass them, you are not qualified!”
Yang Ming was almost dumbfounded. His collar was so tightly grasped that he could almost breathe out and cough violently.
“Mr. Jiang!”
He broke free, looking at Jiang Li, who looked like a ghost, there was an inexplicable fear in his heart.
Jiang Li in front of him, where is the calmness of the past and is determined to win?
It’s like holding a piece of hot potato in your hand, if you don’t throw it away, I’m afraid it will make her burn to death!
“I warn you, give the data to Lin immediately and ask for their forgiveness, otherwise…”
Jiang Li trembled, “Otherwise, neither of us will end well!”
Yang Ming’s face turned pale.
“The Lin…it’s not something we can offend!”
With a word of Jiang Li, Yang Ming was completely plunged into the abyss, with his mouth open, unable to say a word.
what’s going on?
Yesterday, in Jiang Li’s tone, Lin was like a chicken waiting to be slaughtered. She could easily handle it. How come today, when it comes to Lin, Jiang Li’s face doesn’t even have a trace of blood.
She was so scared that she was trembling?
What the hell is going on by yourself!
Is Jiang Li playing with herself!
“What the hell do you mean!”
Yang Ming was also angry, gritted his teeth and said, “Jiang Li! I listened to your arrangements, you actually played me?”

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