Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 701

“Stop talking nonsense!”
Jiang Li said, “We are running out of time. If we don’t ask Lin’s forgiveness, not just you, but I will be finished. My whole Jiang family will be finished, do you understand?
Even the Jiang family is going to die?
These words, like a basin of cold water, instantly fell from the sky and poured on Yang Ming’s head, making him instantly cold all over.
“What are you doing in a daze? Go to Lin! Send them the data they want!”
Jiang Li slapped Yang Ming’s face fiercely.
Yang Ming didn’t dare to say a word, hurriedly crawled out of Jiang Li’s office, and hurried back to the research institute.
The look of despair really seemed to have seen a ghost.
He ran all the way, returned to the research institute, and immediately went to the front desk to ask for Lin’s contact information, but the front desk staff couldn’t even see anyone.
“Where are the people? How about the front desk people!”
Yang Ming was furious, anxious and frightened. At a critical time, if Lin had no contact information, it would really be over.
The driver who came before seemed to say that it was late, and they might not want it. Isn’t that killing him!
“Deputy Director Yang.”
Hearing the sound, the front desk staff ran out of the locker room with a little embarrassment on his face, “Deputy Director Yang, I am looking for you.”
She took out a resignation letter: “This is my resignation letter, I’m not doing it anymore.”
After finishing speaking, she put down her resignation letter directly, leaving Yang Ming with a dumbfounded and almost crying expression.
“Lin’s contact information!”
It took him a while to react, and screamed hurriedly, where could he see the front desk.
Yang Ming was really about to cry, clutching his messy hair, feeling like he was getting closer and closer to death!

At that time, Jiang Ning and others, having just had enough food and drink, were sitting in the Gaojia teahouse, making tea leisurely.
“Then Yang Ming, would you really take the initiative to send the data to the door?”
Lin Yuzhen still didn’t believe it.
She didn’t believe in Jiang Ning, but didn’t believe in Yang Ming, that kind of person, where is so easy to talk.
What’s more, the person behind Yang Ming is obviously the big international brand, and Silanka is in control, in order to repay the hatred of stepping on them to enter the Shenghai market.
“I think it will.”
It was Gao Bin who spoke first. He trusted Jiang Ning 100%.
Even if Jiang Ning said that sows can climb trees and even fly, he is convinced.
“I think so too.”
Gao Yali also nodded.
She only realized what Jiang Ning said before.
Different circles have different rules and solutions to problems.
The underground circle sees who is strong and whose fist is strong, while the underground circle sees power and power!
See who is rich and powerful!
Obviously, when it comes to the underground circle, Jiang Ning’s strength is beyond doubt, while in the ground circle, Jiang Ning’s strength is probably not weak. Gao Yali is not stupid, and she has already seen a little clue.
Among the few people, Lin Yu really found it impossible.
“Wife, otherwise we make a bet?”
Jiang Ning laughed, “What if that guy sends the data.”
“how is it?”
Lin Yu really bit her lip. Of course it can be delivered. What she wants is the data, “If you are right, then I will meet your small request.”
“Not excessively small request.”
She hurriedly added, lest Jiang Ning’s request would make her unable to withstand it.
After saying this, Gao Yali’s face flushed slightly, apparently misunderstanding what Lin Yu really meant.
Gao Bin also coughed twice, turned his head and looked into the distance, pretending to drink tea, but his ears stood up, sensitively catching all gossip.
“it is good!”
Jiang Ning said, “I was right. You can’t grab snacks from me during that week, it’s a deal!”
“A word is settled!”
Gao Bin took a sip of tea and sprayed Gao Yali’s face, almost spraying her makeup, making Gao Yali look murderous.
As soon as he finished speaking, the person in charge of the teahouse walked to the door and said respectfully: “Miss, someone named Yang Ming came here and asked if Miss Lin is there, do you want him to come in?”
Hearing this, Lin Yu was really shocked.
Is it really here?
And, so fast!
Why is Jiang Ning so good? He said that Yang Ming would take the initiative to send data to the door, and he really came.
I can’t grab the snacks this week from Jiang Ning?
But she is still happy!
With the data, Lin can develop new products as soon as possible and enter the northern market as soon as possible.
She was about to speak and let Yang Ming come in, but Jiang Ning shook his head and refused directly.
“Tell him, no, I don’t want their data anymore. We, Lin, can analyze and calculate by ourselves. What if we wait a few more months?”

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