Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 706

Tianbei City, this is the first northern pass won by the Lin Group.
Li Dong is stationed here now, and the fifth and other people are by his side to assist him with some affairs.
In just a few days, the entire market in Tianbei City was integrated by Li Dong, opening the way for Lin to be here. Those in the underground circle did not dare to provoke him.
In that storm, the people who disappeared are simply too many to count!
Even the masters sent by the family of the northern surnames have never returned. One of them escaped by chance and became crazy, as if they had seen something terrifying.
Li Dong is looking for raw materials for Lin’s new products.
For the northern market, most of the raw materials are naturally located in the north, especially some important raw materials, which can only be found in the north.
This is the task that Lin Yuzhen gave him.
Unexpectedly, he just broke the news, and someone took the initiative to send it to the door.
Chengfeng’s attitude is very respectful and sincere.
“Mr. Li, these cold grass roots are a specialty of our side. The common people usually boil water and drink it. The effect is much better than that of southern herbs!”
Cheng Feng smiled honestly.
Li Dong nodded.
He naturally knew the medicinal effects of Han Cao Gen. Although it was not expensive, it had amazing effects.
This is an indispensable raw material in Lin’s new products.
It’s just that this trend is so easy that he sells the collected things to himself, and sells them at a price slightly lower than the market, which made Li Dong be more cautious.
“It seems that the people who need these cold grass roots are not just my Lin family, right?”
Li Dong stretched out his hand and randomly touched several packaging bags to make sure there was nothing wrong with the materials. “I don’t know why you are willing to sell to us at a low price. This profit is not high.”
“Doing business is a long-term business. If you want to make money, you must first learn to spend money.”
Ingredients sighed, “Our ancestors have taught us these principles a long time ago, don’t you think Mr. Li?”
“No one can stop Lin’s northward pace. I can see it. If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity to find a chance to rely on, when will you wait?”
His face is sincere, even more frank, it can be said that he has no reservations.
“You make sense.”
Li Dong smiled.
“President Li, please rest assured that there is no problem with these materials. In the contract, we can write clearly. As long as there is a problem, you don’t need to return the goods. I will refund them all!”
Cheng Feng patted his chest and said, with full sincerity.
“Then thank you for becoming the boss, this day in Beishi, you are my first friend of Lin’s.”
Li Dong stretched out his hand and shook it with Cheng Feng.
There were smiles on the faces of both people. Li Dong’s smile was invisible to the wind, and Li Dong’s smile was also invisible.
When a large quantity of goods arrived, Li Dong immediately asked them to inspect them one by one. After confirming that there were no problems with the goods, he arranged logistics and transported the materials back to the East China Sea.
And the other side.
Cheng Feng opened a bottle of good wine that has been collected for many years, ready to celebrate.
There was no trace of honesty and sincerity on his face. Instead, it was the excitement of gloating and treacherous tricks.
“Brother, Director Liu is really clever!”
The subordinates flattered, “He left the matter to the eldest brother, and even found the right person. This day in Beishi, the eldest brother has the final say, then the Lin family naturally knows this.”
The wind shook the glass and took a sip.
“I’m nothing, Director Liu is really good,”
He snorted, “Do you think that being able to become the purchasing director of Linglong Group, an industry division, can be something ordinary people can do?”
“The water in the Linglong Group is very deep!”
“Big Brother said,”
The people hurriedly laughed and said, “However, Lin has the necessary raw materials, and now they have the formula, so they can expand production. Isn’t Director Liu, did he send bullets to his opponent?”
He looked puzzled.
“You know what a fart!”
Cheng Feng snorted, with an inscrutable expression on his face, “I ask you, where is Lin’s new product produced?”
“Lin’s has already announced that he wants to enter the northern market. Then you say, as soon as Lin’s new product is released, should you promote it?”
“Will they prepare a lot of products?”
“That’s natural, everyone in business knows it.”
“But if it is, their new products have aroused the interest of consumers, and people have been looking forward to it, but as a result, they can’t even enter the northern market. Do you think that the public’s anger can be calmed?”
Cheng Feng squinted his eyes, as if he was expecting it, while Lin was scolded and unbelievable, while the goods piled up and wasted, the miserable end.
They will die miserably and miserably!

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