Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 711

“Director Fan,”
A trace of anger flashed in Li Dong’s heart, but his face remained silent, “I am the regional manager of the northern market of the Lin Group, Li Dong, I have contacted you before. This is my assistant.”
He pointed to the fifth child who was next to him.
Fan Luo just nodded, without raising his eyelids, “It’s you. Is there anything you want to do with me?”
Li Dong smiled and said, “Director Fan, our Lin’s goods, the entry approval…”
“This thing is not easy to handle,”
Before Li Dong finished speaking, Fan Luo shook his head and waved his hand. “Approval documents are subject to formalities. How strict the market access mechanism is now, Mr. Li, you are a professional in the industry. You must know better than me. I can’t get this stuff.”
Li Dong cursed in his heart, how could he not get it.
It can be done in any area and in any city, and even if the procedures are followed, it does not take a few days.
Not to mention, there are often convenient and simplified procedures when large companies come to invest and enter, so here, can’t it be done?
“Director Fan, I know all the relevant procedures, but now I can’t find anyone,”
Li Dong said, “Many documents need to be signed, but the person in charge is not there, and we can’t afford to delay it again and again.”
Fan Luo laughed and got up from the chair.
He walked up to Li Dong, squinted his eyes, and said with a smile: “What Mr. Li means is that we people are not responsible for our affairs?”
“That was not what I meant.”
“Look at our work. Do you know how many things we have to deal with in one day? In your opinion, it’s just a matter of signing, but you are only one family. How many companies do we need to connect?”
“Even if you Lin can handle the other procedures, there are a lot of people who need to approve on my side. You have to wait in line. We don’t engage in privileges. Everything is done in accordance with the rules.”
Fan Luo shook his head with a look of displeasure, “Since you said that the procedures are all clear, let’s go through the other procedures first. The procedures are complete. I can do it naturally. I don’t have all the procedures. I’m sorry. Can’t do it.”
“Director Fan…”
“I’m still busy, please.”
Without waiting for Li Dong to say anything, Fan Luo directly issued the order to chase off the guests, his expression cold.
Li Dong secretly cursed in his heart, if he agrees now and promises to give them 70% of the profit, I am afraid that this procedure will be completed in less than an hour.
These assholes!
Not to mention 70% of the profit, even if it is 10%, they are not qualified to ask for it.
This was originally their job, but it has been procrastinated again and again, and these companies have to bow their heads and finally can only compromise.
Can the company survive if it loses a lot of profits?
In the end, they could only end up sadly and withdraw from the northern market. The huge northern market is still controlled by their families.
Others know these, but there is no way, either endure or go away.
Seeing Li Dong angrily leave, Fan Luo snorted and sat back in the boss chair, smiling disdainfully, “Lin’s? Before the change, 70% of the profit would be enough, but now, there is too much. People don’t want you to come in.”
“What’s more, I’m so ignorant. If you want to get the approval, wait slowly, as long as you can wait.”
In the entire Jiebei City, he Fan Luo is just an errand person, no more than an external receptionist, but if he can’t even pass this pass, have you thought about other passes?
Even if you enter your office and don’t bring any gifts, you dare to talk to yourself in that tone.
Is there any more to talk about?
Nothing to talk about!
Fan Luo leaned on the chair, squinted, and said lightly: “A business man, so ignorant, his career won’t last long, hehe.”

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