Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 712

He closed his eyes leisurely, waiting for Li Dong to resuscitate.
Anyway, Fan Luo knew that eventually these people would be able to get acquainted, and people would only grow up after a bit of hardship.
When he came out of Fan Luo’s office, Li Dong’s face was pale with anger.
This Fan Luo is too much!
Director Xiaoxiao, just a job, dare to be so arrogant!
“I think Li Dong, your temper is really good,”
The fifth child who was following by his side almost gritted his teeth and said, “I just wanted to kill him directly!”
I have never seen such a person, not only arrogant, but also nonsense, I’m sorry for that position.
“These people are like this, especially in Jiebei City,”
Li Dong shook his head, “However, you still can’t find any evidence or problems. They just used an excuse to drag you down. What can you do?”
Li Dong was angry, but helpless.
That Fan Luo, and the six families behind him who controlled Jiebei City, used the most rascal method to steal 70% of the profits from the Lin family.
So it is difficult for Jiebei City to develop vigorously. The same is true in the north. The roads are blocked by themselves, and no competitors are allowed to enter, so that they can remain invincible?
“Don’t worry, wait for Big Brother to come.”
The old five said, “As long as the eldest brother comes, it will definitely be resolved.”
Li Dong could only call Jiang Ning, but Jiang Ning was already on the road.
He seemed to know what was going to happen here, he knew that Li Dong had nothing to do, he came when he needed him the most.
In the afternoon, Jiang Ning arrived, and there was only Brother Gou beside him, but the fifth child knew that this time, his brothers were all here!
“Brother Ning, I’m sorry.”
Li Dong was ashamed. He felt that he had failed Jiang Ning’s expectations.
He has only gotten through two of the five major barriers so far, and even Tianbei City is still secretly assisted by Jiang Ning.
“You did very well.”
Jiang Ning smiled and praised Li Dong, “You have to know how many people have failed to get through these five barriers, and even if they can pass, what the price is.”
Li Dong nodded.
That is a robbery!
It is impossible for him to agree.
“Don’t worry, these little things are not a problem at all in front of Lin’s.”
Jiangning said, “What you have to do is to broaden your horizons. The small northern market is not your world.”
A few simple words made Li Dong feel that his blood was boiling.
Jiang Ning not only did not blame him, but also encouraged him, and even was willing to give him a chance to let him continue to grow!
“I said, I want everyone to grow up with Lin,”
Jiang Ning patted Li Dong on the shoulder, “Which step Lin can go, not only depends on me and Yuzhen, but also you, everyone, is indispensable, understand?”
Li Dong’s nose is a bit sore, “Brother Ning, I will not let you down!”
Jiang Ning nodded: “Okay, adjust the state and prepare to do something.”
“Li Dong, make preparations for the docking. Yuzhen is almost there. You must arrange the docking actions for the various departments.”
He walked outside the door, “As for the others, I will solve them.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning left with Brother Dog.
And Li Dong took a deep breath, turned his head to look at Lao Wu, and said with a trembling voice: “Just now, I really wanted to give my life to Ning Brother!”
The old fifth smiled, empathizing, “I understand.”
“Let’s work!”
The two of them cleared up their emotions and started to get busy, while Jiang Ning, with Brother Dog, went to find that Fan Luo again.
At this moment, Fan Luo was sitting on the sofa again, making tea leisurely, and the papers on the desk were piled up like a hill.
Do these trivial things, where is the fun of making tea.
“I don’t know who will come to see me next, I hope I am sensible.”
Fan Luo was pouring tea when he suddenly slammed the door of his office and was kicked open!

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