Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 722

Big chess game!
The north has become a big chess game, and all the forces in the north have been installed.
What kind of handwriting is this?
It’s just that no one noticed it until this news broke, and everyone did not expect it.
Long Xiang’s expression is serious, his voice is low, he has never been so serious.
“But we are also pawns!”
His second sentence made everyone present also look serious.
The weight of this sentence is too heavy and the impact is great.
Even the Long Family, these top wealthy families, and it can even be said that the Long Family with the strongest overall strength has become a chess piece. How terrible is the layout of the people?
“A big deal,”
Long Xiang frowned. Even if the Long Family was involved, he still couldn’t help but sigh, “I don’t know who it is. It is so powerful. Before I knew it, I installed the Long Family in it. Before that, I hadn’t I can think of it, there will be this step.”
He has been paying close attention to the entire north, and any wind and grass are under his nose.
Not only him, but how many people in the north are also staring at what happens every day.
To survive in the north requires such vigilance and observing ability, to be able to spot problems in the first place, and completely stifle them in the cradle before they spread.
But now, no one has noticed that the big game in the north has suddenly been completed.
The Long’s house was installed, and everyone was installed.
“Where is the source of the news?”
Someone asked.
“Unknown, confidential channel, even if it’s me, I don’t know it for the time being.”
Long Xiang sneered, “Do you think such a big handwriting would be easily exposed?”
“But one thing is certain, the people behind the scenes must be hidden in a few top wealthy families!”
His words made everyone vigilant.
There are only four top wealthy families in the north. In addition to the Long Family, there are also the Pang Family, the Xue Family and the Jiang Family.
For so many years, the Pang family has always been low-key. The Xue family and the Jiang family have been married once, but in the past ten years, the two seem to have not gotten very close.
This is what makes people feel suspicious!
“Can’t we clarify?”
Someone opened his mouth and said, “Although there are only a few second-rate families with large surnames, my Long family doesn’t need to be concerned, but it is misunderstood. I am afraid it will be a lot of trouble.
“Huh, clarify? Do you think others will believe it?”
Long Xiang hummed.
There was no sign of the scattered chessboard at all, but as soon as the news of the planting came out, the whole chessboard immediately came alive, and it became extremely thrilling!
Any chess piece may be out of the game suddenly, even if it is his dragon family, he can’t stay outside.
“Well, other things, needless to say, to call you today is to tell you that from today onwards, I will be very hard-pressed.”
He said loudly, “Especially, in the Linglong Group, people with important positions must be careful in words and actions. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Patriarch.”
Everyone responded in unison.
He turned his head and looked at Long Ling’er: “Ling’er, the Linglong Group is too big. For my Long Family, it is not only a hole card, but also a burden. Do you understand what I mean.”
“I know.”
Long Ling’er nodded, “I know what to do.”
“That’s good.”
Long Xiang nodded and stood up immediately.
He didn’t want to say too much. At this time, it would be useless to say more. The chess game would be constantly changing, so he could only adapt to changes.
The crowd dispersed, and Long Linger stayed. ?
“You have something to tell me?”
Long Xiang was turning around to ask for his head, and was stopped by Long Linger.
Long Ling’er nodded and saw that everyone was gone. She walked to Long Xiang and said in a low voice, “Dad, there are a few people in my Long family who are involved in the Linglong Group too much. Not only that, they have people from other families. , Also walked very close, this is not a good signal.”
Long Xiang frowned, “You mean, your third uncle?”

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