Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 724

Liu Hong didn’t make sense of Chengfeng and the others, got into his car and left quickly.
He must ask someone to ask clearly what is going on in the north.
Not just him, almost everyone wants to know what is going on in the north now, and what choices should be made under the surging dark tide.
at the same time.
Jiang Ning is on a video call with Lin Yuzhen.
He didn’t see Lin Yuzhen for two days, and he was full of thoughts.
“My wife, the north is so boring, Li Dong, this bastard, takes me out for a drink every day. If you don’t come, I’ll learn badly.”
Jiang Ning was aggrieved.
In the video, Lin Yu couldn’t help but laugh, she didn’t believe what Jiang Ning said.
“Did you drink flower wine?”
“No, there are so many young ladies, but I just refused to let them approach me.”
Jiang Ning said seriously, “I am a man with a wife!”
“Okay, I see, I will reward you later,”
Lin Yuzhen waved his hand, “I’m busy, I won’t tell you anymore. If it goes well, you can see me in two days.”
Without saying much, she was really busy, gave Jiang Ning a kiss, and hung up the video.
Li Dong, standing not far away, wanted to cry without tears.
When did he take Jiang Ning to drink the flower wine, Ning was so cruel to cheat his own people!
“Brother Ning, Lin always deducts my salary!”
“You don’t understand Big Brother,”
Brother Gou said, “Give your eldest brother back, the bonus is more than the salary deducted from you.”
After speaking, he turned his head: “My sister-in-law said it will be north in two days. Are we going to do it?”
Speaking of business affairs, Li Dong and others became serious.
They have already won three passes.
The biggest problem now is the last two passes in the north. As long as they win these two passes, Lin Yuzhen can directly take the goods and go all the way north to enter the northern market!
Two days, although a little nervous, it should be enough.
They have received news that Linshan City and Bei’an City, the controllers of these two passes, have now begun to guard against them!
From the circle on the ground, they don’t have much action to do. After all, the earthquake in Jiebei City has just passed, and now everyone thinks that the Long Family is behind it.
The Wu family and the Zhou family, these two first-class families, even if they were ambitious, they did not dare to provoke the Long family.
What they can do is start from the underground circle and kill Lin!
In just one day, more than a dozen masters have been gathered, and I heard that there are other families who secretly support the two in order to kill the people of the Lin family at two gates and prevent them from entering the northern market.
Cruel and domineering!
Now, I am afraid that many people regard the Lin family as the support of the Long Family, and even the East China Sea Forbidden Land is a force secretly supported by the Long Family.
No one can explain this misunderstanding, nor can it be explained. Everything will come naturally. The more suspicious, the more convinced it is.
Jiangning did not spend much time in this game. A few months ago, Huang Yuming was allowed to come to the north to cooperate with A’s flight. Now, it has officially detonated!
“Two days?”
Jiang Ning frowned slightly and shook his head directly.
Want him to wait two more days before he can see his wife?
What a joke!
He stood up and stared at Brother Dog: “Tonight!”
Brother Gou was startled, some didn’t react.
“Tomorrow, I want to see Yuzhen.”
Jiangning Road.
Brother Gou understood instantly.
Jiang Ning didn’t care about Wu family and Zhou family at all, he only cared about when he could see Lin Yuzhen.
As long as the barrier is cleared, Lin Yuzhen can immediately go north with a large number of new goods, and he can see Lin Yuzhen.
“Then, which one shall we move first?”
Ge Gou paused and continued to ask.
Only this time, Jiang Ning did not answer. Brother Dog already knew the answer, “I will arrange it immediately.”
Jiang Ning wanted to see Lin Yuzhen as soon as possible, so naturally he had to win two passes as quickly as possible, and that would naturally be—at the same time!
Brother Gou immediately left to make arrangements.
He has been with Jiang Ning for so long, so he knows too well that Jiang Ning really loves Lin Yu, no one can understand.
He wanted to see Lin Yuzhen, so he couldn’t stand it and wait until two days later!
Two passes at the same time, I’m afraid no one would have thought that Jiang Ning would be so crazy!

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