Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 726

The defense of Bei’an City seems to be higher than that of Linshan City.
A very strong master-level master, who can kill other masters, is probably not a few in the entire north.
There is such a person sitting in town, a Lin clan, a force in the East China Sea, dare to come here?
Unless, they don’t want to live anymore.
Suddenly, a figure flashed by, and several people suddenly became vigilant.
They suddenly raised their heads and looked around, but saw nothing.
Another figure flashed past, like a ghost.
“Someone! Be careful!”
“Who, get out of me!”
One of them yelled loudly, his eyes widened, but he couldn’t see anything.
“Are you looking for me?”
But suddenly, a sound rang in his ears, and before he turned his head, one hand slammed his neck, click!
Unscrew instantly!
The next moment, that figure disappeared again.
Others exclaimed, how could it be so terrible?
Who the hell is it!
They didn’t even know who they were, and they didn’t even see what their faces looked like, so they were killed?
Without waiting for a few people to react, another person suddenly flew out and hit the ground heavily. Without even a scream, his head was exploded!
In an instant filled my heart, what the hell was going on!
There’s a ghost!
What a ghost!
“Quick…Run away!”
“Run away! Someone has entered Linshan City, someone from the Forbidden Area of ​​the East China Sea!”
Several people shouted and were about to run away, but they saw a person standing under a street lamp in the distance. The person raised his head and his eyes seemed to be green…
Is that a wolf!
No, that’s clearly a person.
They were full of horror, and immediately turned around, but behind them, there were more people!
At this moment, those eyes were staring at them, and they made their scalp numb!
“These two people, don’t fight with me.”
As soon as the voice fell, a group of people rushed out.
The two corpses fell heavily on the ground, their eyes widened, and the picture in their pupils still seemed to be the fists vying to smash their heads…
The whole Linshan City is in chaos.
There is a group of ghostly people, wherever they go, they are all killed, not one left!
Sweeping forcefully, even a few masters were smashed into pieces and died tragically on the streets.
The underground circle of the entire city suddenly rumbling, before they had time to react, there were a total of 16 masters, and even two masters close to the master level, but 12 died!
Battle formation skills, a great deal!
Attack is a fierce and decisive killing fist!
Shou is a copper wall and iron wall that a thousand swords are hard to wear!
Even a master close to the master level, under the hands of Brother Gou and others, could not last a minute.
They are the most terrifying night killer.
“Ring Ling Ling…”
Zhou Shen and Wu Hongwei were sitting there, still making tea leisurely, discussing what path they should take in the next step of the family’s development.
You should choose which top wealthy family to follow to ensure you are in the north.
At this time, Zhou Shen’s phone rang suddenly.
He glanced at the number and smiled slightly: “It seems that there is news. People from Donghai, I am going to Linshan City first.”
Wu Hongwei touched his teacup with his lips and nodded.
“In this way, this great contribution will be taken away by you, Brother Zhou.”
Zhou Shen suddenly laughed.
He answered the phone: “How, are all killed?”
Suddenly, his face changed drastically, and the voice from the other end of the phone made him stand up abruptly.
“A group! It’s a group of demons! Our people have been killed! They are all dead!”
“Sixteen masters, none of them can live, they are all dead!”
The voice was full of fear, as if the gall was about to be frightened.
Zhou Shen’s face suddenly turned pale.
“You…you said, our people are all dead? Linshan Underground Circle, all gone?”
“Dead… all dead! The eight masters of the Zhou family are all dead…”
In an instant, he was standing there motionless like a statue, his ears were still echoing, and the phone was full of fearful voices.

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