Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 728

“Boss, what’s the matter, let’s go.”
“What the boss is standing at the door, drink quickly, and kill the people in Donghai!”
A few little bosses followed and walked to the door. Suddenly, everyone was just like Yang Xu, as if struck by lightning!
I didn’t know who it was, and couldn’t help but shout, and everyone recovered from their consternation.
Yang Xu’s face was pale, his body was trembling, and he couldn’t believe what he saw in front of him!
His people… are dead!
In front of me, blood is flowing into a river!
The corpses were like a mountain, scattered all over the ground!
There are more than 300 people under him!
Including more than 20 masters, there is even a very strong master-level master.
At this moment, that master-level master was being choked by someone, his head tilted to one side, his breath was gone!
Jiang Ning looked up, saw someone coming out, and threw it away. The master-level master, like a dead dog, was thrown into the pile of corpses.
“Unexpectedly, there are a few more, so let’s solve them all at once.”
Jiang Ning said lightly.
This sentence made Yang Xu and the others go away!
Watching the bones like a mountain, watching that extremely powerful master-level master be easily beheaded by Jiang Ning…
They feel that their hearts are about to jump out!
They were still fortunate just now that Linshan Pass was bad luck, and they even wanted to celebrate.
But now?
An even more terrifying existence appeared in Bei’an City!
Silently, killed all of them!
This is a demon!
They would rather face the people in the East China Sea than see this scene.
Especially, Jiang Ning just said that it will be solved all at once…
“You, who are you!”
Yang Xu yelled in surprise.
“You guys, haven’t you been waiting for me?”
Jiang Ning looked at them and walked over step by step.
“Are you from Donghae? Impossible!”
Yang Xu yelled. He had just received a call. People from the Forbidden Area in the East China Sea chose to go to the pass of Linshan City and had just completely shattered the underground circle of the Zhou family!
He was about to celebrate, and then went to Linshan City to harvest the fruits of victory. In front of him, how could he be from Donghai again?
Moreover, there is only one!
His heart was throbbing and throbbing violently, panicking!
The corpse like a hill would be shocking for who it is.
Yang Xu’s Adam’s apple slipped, taking two steps back subconsciously, his eyes flickered: “You, you are from the Long Family!”
In addition, where is there any other possibility.
Jiang Ning simply ignored what they said.
He had a thought in his heart now, to settle the matter sooner, so that he could see his relatives and his wife earlier.
What else is more important than this?
“The Long Family is so bold, is it openly against the entire north!”
Yang Xu yelled deliberately, thinking that if someone could leave alive, at least…at least he could spread the news.
Seeing Jiang Ning walking step by step, his legs trembled with fear, but he gritted his teeth and said bitterly, “Kill! Kill him! Kill him!”
What people from the East China Sea? This is impossible!
Just relying on Jiang Ning alone to kill so many of them, Yang Xu felt that he was about to collapse.
He yelled. The few people around him were all old fried dough sticks who had been in the underground circle for many years. It was clear at this moment that either Jiang Ning died or they died.
I didn’t even care about so much, I didn’t even dare to look at the mountain-like corpse. Several people bite the bullet and rushed towards Jiang Ning, pulling out the murder weapon from the waist, showing a fierce look!
It’s the sound of an egg hitting a rock!
Several corpses flew in and smashed at Yang Xu’s feet, frightening him as if he lost his soul, and screamed in shock.
That face was as pale as paper long ago, without even a trace of blood.
Short of breath, trembling legs, trying to escape again, only to find that I don’t even have the courage to escape!
It’s all dead!
The entire underground circle of Bei’an City Pass is all elites, masters of masters, and even master-level masters, but now…
Even that master-level master had his neck broken by Jiang Ning!

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